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UPDATE: We are not accepting guest posts as of now. 

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We have created this page for all those people who would like to write for us as a guest author. List Them Out is a  web site where we primarily focuses on Blogging, WordPress, Internet, Tips and tricks, Tutorials, How-to guides and much more.

Why Write For Us ?

We started List Them Out around 2 year back and started getting a lot of attention from our readers. Today List Them Out stands well in the Blogosphere with huge number of visitors. By writing a guest post you will gain backlink + traffic + recognition.

On What Topics Can You Write ?

You can write and submit posts or should I say lists related to technology. Just make sure that the topic is not already covered on our Blog. You can also submit list articles such as :

  • 20+ Best WordPress Custom Login Page Designs
  • 15 Best Online Photo Editors
  • Top 20 Free Windows 7 Themes
  • Top 15 Sites to Make a Free Website

Try to make the count of items in your post minimum 5. For example Best 5 radio apps for Android.

Writing Guidelines

  • Author Bio : Author bio can contain only 1 Link. The link can point only to author’s blog and not to any other site. Link can be placed in author bio description with blog name as the anchor tag only (No keyword Links). We don’t accept author bio with links to illegal sites. You can mention your twitter id in the author bio.
  • No promotion : Do not enter any promotional links or text in the body of the post. Any unnecessary links would be removed from the post.
  • Comment : Try to answer any query or doubt related to your article asked by visitors via comments.
  • Use formatting :Try to bold or highlight the important parts of your post. Try to break the post in paragraphs or numbered List.
  • Make sure there are no spelling mistakes and grammatical errors present in the post before submitting it for review.

Articles Which Will be Rejected

Due to following circumstances your article may get rejected:

  • You have submitted a copied post for review.
  • If your post is for promoting your own product or it is a sales article.
  • If you submitted a post which is similar to already published post.
  • Your post contains too many grammatical errors or spelling mistakes.

To Join us or to write for us create an account by visiting the registration page. Use SC2013 as the invitation code. After  registration verify your account using the link sent to your email address. After that you can login and submit your article for review.