What Are The Major Limitations of Google Adsense?

There is no doubt about the fact that Google AdSense is the most popular ad network in the growing online advertising market. They are the best way to earn money without having to approach advertisers yourself.

AdSense is a PPC service and not an affiliate marketing network. So you get paid whenever a visitor clicks on an ad displayed on your site or blog regardless of whether that click turns into a sale for the advertiser or not. Although AdSense has become very popular, but it is still not perfect. Here we present some of the major and main  AdSense limitations.


The ads AdSense serve are usually generic which results in low click-through rate and poor earnings. For getting more relevant ads, a possible way is to position them closer to the site content. But this may hinder the experience of the visitors.


The minimum payout is $100. Most websites take a long time to reach this amount or some of them even fail to do so. Experienced webmasters don’t have a problem achieving it but what about the newbies? The solution is to bring targeted traffic to your site so that there are more chances that visitors would click on your advertisements.


Though Google bans the accounts in which they discover Fraud clicks but sometimes this policy becomes a problem for the publishers. Sometimes a user is not involved in fraud or invalid click activity still he gets his account banned. Reason for this is someone might have clicked too many times accidently or intentionally. Yes you read it right intentionally, imagine your enemy clicking intentionally too many times on your ads to get it banned. Google should work mroe on Fraud click policy.


AdSense has become so popular now a days that it can be easily distinguish and noticed. So most of the visitors tend to avoid and ignore them. The ad units have a heading of “Ads by Google” which is really undesirable by the blogger. The Ads need to be more attractive. Also they now need to evolve and cover a bigger brand of products.


Google does not pays enough for their search program. Other similar programs pay comparatively more than AdSense. But the problem doesn’t ends here. Adsense lacks Graphics driven ads too. Graphical ads are more attractive and attention seekers.


Google is selective about the users it accepts into its AdSense program. It wont allow a user to place ads on sites that display gambling or any other controversial content. Even if it accepts your account, you still have the risk of getting your account banned if you place your ad on any such site.


Since I mentioned earlier that AdSense displays generic ads, this sometimes result in total irrelevant ads. Imagine you have a site about Gadgets and the ads are about wedding dresses. Sounds funny. But at the same time it is irritating too.


Imagine You Tube displaying an ad about Metacafe. Sounds silly,Isn’t it? Sometimes AdSense drives away your traffic too. In literal terms,it means that you are sending away the users to leave your site and check out the other websites.All the effort involved in attracting the traffic  thus goes in vain. But still it wont affect the traffic much on a site having huge traffic.


Another disadvantage is that Google strictly prohibits you to share your stats with other webmasters. The AdSense Terms and Conditions say:

“Confidentiality. You agree not to disclose Google Confidential Information without Google’s prior written consent. ‘Google Confidential Information’ includes without limitation: … click-through rates or other statistics relating to Site performance in the Program provided to you by Google…”

This practically doesn’t makes sense for the webmasters who need to discuss their successes and failures. Also if Google bans your account you are not given complete details about it.

Even after so many flaws, Google AdSense is worth giving a try, since you only risk the investment of time. It is the only way to find out whether PPC advertising makes sense for you or not.

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A 15 year old guy and a professional gamer.

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  2. Wonderful article mate. Google AdSense has plenty of limitations for scammers, but for legit people it is still the undisputed king of making money online.

  3. Sarthak says:

    Thanks for the compliment!

  4. Publishers only need to concentrate on providing high quality content.
    Google does the hard work of finding the best ads for your pages from around 100,000 advertisers.
    Furthermore publishers can save time with Adsense because you don’t have to select different ads for different pages.

    For me it’s a great way to earn but we have learn to see everything with a more mature point of view. If you are using it you should seriously make yourself a lot of questions about the benefits you will receive.

    Anyways, great article!!!

  5. Gagan Arora says:

    yes google adsence have many Limitations nice article brother,thanks for sharing……:)

  6. Bligbook says:

    this is what i don’t like on their part, they don’t provide complete info about click frauds and account suspension activities…..

  7. Ravi says:

    Yaa its all true….!!!
    & i hate these limitations of adsense….!!!!!

  8. you didnt give one new limitation, creating fake impression will lead to ban your account, mean to say if you want to edit your site than first remove the ads.

  9. ashish says:

    Happy to see something different on the web world..

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