Which is Better Google or Bing ?

Google Vs BingSo, let me ask you a question, I have to know about something to make a presentation or project, what do I do? , an obvious answer will be Google it. But, let me update you, now if someone tells you to Bing it, don’t think he is a psycho. There had been many competitors for Google in the past, but Bing seems to be a serious one. It is emerging as a strong competitor in the field of search engines. So let’s compare between the two and see who is the real winner.

1.     So let’s start by opening both the search engines one by one. One cannot deny the fact that Bing looks better than Google because of its theme.

2.     When you search something on Bing, you will notice certain arrow heads near the links searched by Bing, and when you bring your mouse pointer on it, it shows more information available on that page. It saves unnecessary clicking on links which do not have relevant information.

Bing arrow head

3.     But the feature which we discussed in previous point takes some time to load, due to which Google is much faster than Bing. Google takes 20% less time than Bing in any search.

4.     For ranking a site, keywords are preferred more by Bing than Google. Also, if you use hyphens in your URL, you will be hitting a jackpot in Bing as it gives three times higher ranking to such sites than Google. So if you search ‘big bang theory’ in Bing, chances are that a site named ‘’ will have higher ranking than ‘’.

5.     Both Google and Bing rank sites according to text and content. But Bing likes text more than Google, i.e. the more the text, more will be your ranking. It also considers the age of your website. For example same content on new site will be given lower ranking than in an older site.

6.     You will also notice that the words typed in capital letters are given more preference in search, where as in Google it does not make much difference.

7.     Also when we did a comparative search, we found that Google gives all the related images, videos, or news on the result page whereas in Bing we have to select the options for videos, images or news separately. Follow this link to checkout: for example search for ‘big bang theory’.

And it has also been found that traffic at Bing is gradually increasing and can be considered as a winner if we consider its increasing popularity. Though commenting anything about Bing will be a way too early. But, as a normal user, I find Google much better than Bing in terms of speed and leaving all the other differences aside. It is faster, brings all the links irrespective of a site’s popularity, and it is the undisputed king of search engines.

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  1. Arpit Gupta says:

    on your first point… also has the theme feature….
    u can also set the background page of google.

    • Akshay says:

      agree with you, just minor difference in google for changing the image you should have a google account 🙂 so for a user who dnt have google account can see theme in only bing search engine 🙂

  2. anvesh says:

    correctly answered by akshay!!!

  3. Gojeg says:

    Hmm..I never use Bing. Because it was never in my mind when I wanted to searching on internet. Yes, Google wins the branding war. People prefer to Googling rather than Binging. 😀

  4. FirstHosting says:

    For me Good add my vote 1+

  5. Manoj says:

    Google sends me more visitors,but the visitors from bing stay longer

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