What’s New in WordPress 3.1?

Finally, Today WordPress released its Version 3.1 that is WordPress 3.1. So lets check out what’s new in WordPress 3.1.

1. Admin Bar :

new admin bar

Now You can update and modify you blog more easily with the help of admin bar. You can now navigate to add new page or post, check comments and add or delete widgets page directly by selecting the required option from the admin bar while browsing your blog.

2. Refreshed Blue Admin Scheme:

new blue admin scheme

Now your Admin panel or dashboard is much more impressive with new blue admin scheme. Your dashboard looks much more impressive and tidy.

3. Redesigned Linking Workflow :

internal linking

Now you can easily link your old articles  with new ones easily. This new feature allow you to browse your articles and link them to your new Post. This feature will really help bloggers to increase WordPress SEO by internal linking of articles.

4. Streamlined Writing Interface :

This new feature hides many of the less used panels by default to create a simpler and smooth writing experience for bloggers.

Beside these awesome features wordpress 3.1 also have some great news for Developers also. WordPress 3.1 also includes features  like Post Formats support which makes it easy for themes to create portable tumble logs with different styling for different types of posts. It also includes new CMS capabilities like archive pages for custom content types and  ability to perform advanced taxonomy and custom fields queries.

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  1. William says:

    thank you for the review!!, How about the compatibility with Thesis 1.8, did you found some kind of problem when you upgrade?..



  2. Just upgraded to 3.1 and just love the new features. No problem with Thesis 1.8..

  3. Mike says:

    these are great 🙂 especially happy with internal links addition..

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