What’s New in Mozilla Firefox 4

Mozilla released its Firefox 4 earlier this week. The new product has been put into several cycles of production which is clear indication of how much Mozilla is involved in its development. The brand new, swanky Firefox 4 is faster than its predecessor but not as fast as Google Chrome. Other than this there is a whole lot of features that are packaged. Read on to slowly explore and uncover then.

One of the most noticeable change in new Firefox is its User Interface. The UI has been made clutter free and has been designed in Chrome style with tabs on the top of address bar. You can drag them and also pluck them out into separate window. They are now can be pinned to stay in the tab even after closing the Browser. This feature is called as Application Tabs.

application tabs in firefox 4

There has been a significant improvement in the drop down list. The new lists have less options with many sub menus. Also during the private browsing mode, the button of Firefox changes its color from orange to purple.

firefox 4 drop downlist menu

The Refresh and Stop button have been integrated into a single button that changes its function depending upon the browser activity. This has made address bar and the search bar to have more space and you can easily type in long URLs or queries. Another great addition that has done here is the Paste & Go and Paste & Search option.

Another great feature addition is the tab management called as Firefox Panorama. Simply press Ctrl+Shift+E to open all your tabs in thumbnail form which makes easier navigation to a particular one. You can create groups of tabs and can perform a whole lot of operations on it.

Firefox Panorama

The Add-ons have also undergone a major makeover. The user friendly interface show which add-ons are running and which has been disabled.

addon manager in firefox 4

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  1. cyberbob says:

    Firefox 4 is mixture of chrome and opera mini ain’t like to much but like some of the features of it…..i have an article about interface and feature of Firefox 4 must read here:

  2. cyberbob says:

    Nice article about Firefox 4 but i want to update one thing that Firefox 5 is ready to roll in mid of this year,also heard that look like Internet Explorer 9 you can read more :

  3. Michelle says:

    undoubtedly has had several improvements but you have to put up with the speed, but it is more practical, but did not know something that chrome is faster, I had not noticed, I use google chrome and firefox before.

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