What To Do If Someone Else is Using Your Facebook Account?

Security has became a major issue in today’s world especially on social media sites such as Facebook. If you are noticing some spurious activities from your Facebook account, then chances are that your account has been hacked or somebody else is also operating your account. Today,we will tell some simple steps that you can do in anyone else is using your facebook account.


1. Log onto your Facebook account.

2. Then click Account -> Account Settings.

3. Then under Settings tab click on Account Security.

What To Do If Someone Else is Using Your Facebook Account

4. Now carefully inspect these settings. Compare your devices, locations, browsers and timings of your last visit to Facebook. If they don’t match then, someone else might be using your facebook account.

5. Immediately end all suspicious activities by clicking ‘End Activity’ link.

6. You can also control the login activity of your account by sending notifications on your mobile phone or on the email id when any person login into your account from another pc.

7. You can also change the password of your account as an immediate step. To change password, go to Account -> Account Settings and then click on the Password link under Settings tab.

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  1. I will tell
    1st change your password
    2nd Find out who used it
    3rd if that person is not your close once follow the next setp
    3rd kill that person..!

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  3. Today’s everyone using social networking sites. The facebook is most popular one and security is most important but some may not know how to create secure account. I think your post helpful every new user. Great job!

  4. Old one but good for the guys started using facebook since jan 1, 11. 😉

  5. rachael says:

    iite so you guys all talk bout do all these steps but what happens if the guy changes your facebook and aol password! and like im getting deadass pissed off!!

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