What New Features Will Be There In Iphone 5 ?

Hey guys are you wondering which phone to buy this New Year or you have already chosen a dazzling phone for yourself which you will buy later? If so then let me tell you or I should say advice you that format out those memories because in this post I am going to share the features of the new upcoming Apple Iphone 5 which will rock the market in 2011.Β  Although its starting price will be too high but I am sure when Apple will start inducing it in bulk the prices will definitely go down and then it will be the right time for a normal guy to buy it. But apart from this I know all the gadget freaks will buy it as soon as it will be released. It never matters how expensive that phone,gadget freaks will definitely buy that phone as soon as it is launched. The features of Iphone 5 are although not announced officially yet but still I have a few of those features which will make Iphone 5 different from previous iphones.

So the features of the new iphone 5 would :

  • Short Range Wireless – It means if two persons are in the given range they both can use their Iphones as walkie talkie! This is really cool I mean it’s an amazing feature.
  • Face recognition – This feature will be simply awesome.
  • Internal memory – Internal memory of this phone will be 64 GB which is more than enough.
  • Display – It will have a OLED (organic light emitting diodes) display which is really cool.
  • GPS
  • 3G video chatting and a HD audio player
  • Local channels : You guys can also watch the local channels on your Iphone 5.
  • Inbuilt projector : The phone will alsi ahve an inbuilt projector which you can use to project you pictures and videos even on a wall.

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  1. Ashank says:

    Are u sure?? It seems to be a castle in the air.

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  3. Nameless says:

    what’s the price? and is it in stores already?

  4. Edmond says:

    Now if it wasn’t an apple product we were talking about then I’d believe the features listed.

    An Inbuilt projector? Maybe in the iphone 7 lol. 64GB of memory perhaps…but in usual apple fashion they’ll have a 32GB and a 64GB version with an extra cost that is over the top for what you get…but then it’s apple so none of this is new.

  5. Jeffrey says:

    Its just like that bestbuy commercial. You buy some new technology and the same day its already obsolete and some newer technology is available. Its crazy. Companies should allow for trade ins.

  6. jiten jain says:

    this is all or something more,come on man i wish if only one of the features mentioned by you are actually conceptualised.

  7. gul says:

    sure…. what’s the price?

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