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Many small and medium sized business in different have one pertinent question – “Does social media really improve SEO?” Well, to tell the truth, social media can make a huge impact in your SEO campaign and that too in a very short time. The concept of SEO revolves around three main aspects -popularity, authority and relevance. The popularity can be easily gauged by the number of inbound links that a website has. Authority refers to the quality of the links from different sites and pages and relevance points to the relevancy of the on-page, off-page, URL in relation to the search term entered by the user in Google.

social media and seo

It is widely believed that social media is the best way to look into the popularity aspect. This is because social media is capable of driving a lot of links to your website. The links also may have some authority on them. It is a known fact that the major search engines like Google and Bing use the signals presented in social media to rank items and to decide the popularity of the pages in social media. If you want social media to boost up your SEO campaign then you must remember the following things.

Popular audience

Try to work on the number of retweets and reposts that you get on your content in Twitter and Facebook respectively. The search engines consider the number of retweets and reposts to determine the popularity of the shared content. The more the number of tweets and facebook updates are retweeted and reposted the more important is the content for the search engines.

Authoritative audience

You need to create a strong following in the social media and not just by the number of people following you or becoming friends with you. You need to get connected with people who have a high number of followers or friends. The search engines tend to give importance to that content that are retweeted and reposted by authoritative people. As the contacts become more powerful the search engines will also perceive you and your content that way.

Relevant audience

The search engines pay a lot of attention to the type of content that you create or share online. In fact it also keeps a track of the nature of content created and shared by your friends and followers. For this reason you need to have lot of content that is relevant to SEO and PPC. If you have people as your friends or followers who are well known in the field of SEO then you can share your content on their profiles for greater relevancy.

So we can easily see how social media plays a very important role in improving the SEO for a website. Social media and SEO will continue as a merged entity as they are regarded as mature online components. You need to build a proper social media profile so that it becomes highly useful for SEO or you may have to risk having little or no audience or authority in not-so-distant future.

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