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When I am looking to pass the time, I usually look no further than the Android mobile app platform. The app market has thousands of great games that are available to download. While a lot of the games are only a few dollars, I would rather find a fun game at no cost to me. I think that most people would agree, so I am going to detail the best free games available to download on the ever expanding Android mobile app platform.

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1. Angry Birds

Angry Birds started as an app on the iPhone app market, and has recently become available on the Android market. While the game is free for Android users, it costs 2 dollars for anyone with an iPhone. Just another thing that Android phones have on the iPhone. The games is fairly simple to play, but gets more difficult the further you progress in the game. Angry Birds is a puzzle game that has has the player trying to destroy the various puzzles by shooting birds at them. The game starts out rather simple, but can get very difficult and has puzzles that will take awhile to figure out how to destroy. If you enjoy Angry Birds, there are two other variations available to download. Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds Rio are also available to download for free on Android.

2. Tetris

If you enjoyed playing Tetris when you were younger, then you will love Tetris. Tetris has been made to look and play exactly like the old Nintendo game from the 1980’s. Blocks of different shapes will fall down the screen, and it is the player’s job to stop them from stacking to the top. Making a solid row of blocks with no gaps will cause those blocks to be removed from the screen. If the blocks stack to the top, the game is over.

3. Jewels

Jewels is a recreation of Bejeweled on the Android app platform. The game plays the same as the Bejeweled that many people enjoy on Facebook. Colored gems are placed on the screen, and the goal is to swap around the gems to make large groups of gems of the same color. This is another fun and exciting game, and why pay for Bejeweled when you can get the same game for free with Jewels.

4. Word Feud

Word Feud is another clone of a classic game that many people know and love, Scrabble. The game plays exactly like the old board game that everyone grew up with. Word Feud also offers online play, so you can test your skills against other players across the country. While the game is free, it does have a lot of advertising place on the game. This can be rather annoying to look at, but it is better than having to pay to play the game.

5. Pinball Deluxe

Pinball Deluxe plays just like a pinball game you would find in any bar or arcade. The ball moves in a convincing fashion, and acts much like it would on an actual pinball machine. Pinball Deluxe comes with four different tables- Space Frontier, Wild West, Diving for Treasure, and Carnival. While it is a great game, a little is lost with not being able to push the buttons and shake the machine.

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