Top Firefox Addons to make Gmail a Wonderful Experience

Mozilla Firefox is one of the most popular Web browsers in the world. It has thousands of plugins and addons which will make your web experience wonderful and easy. Here I present  Some must have firefox addons for gmail which will enhance your Gmail usage.

1.Gmail Notifier

This is an addon only meant for firefox users. Instead of using the Official Gmail Notifier which pops up in between when your are doing some work or watching  a movie. An added advantage of this addon over the official Gmail notifier is that it  notifies about your mail in Firefox  Window itself  and so does not proves to be a hindrance in your work.

2.Gmail Manager

Gmail manager is also a great addon for  managing your Gmail account  to get wonderful experience. It has features like notifications  for multiple accounts or  new email notifications while viewing account details,unread messages, saved drafts, spam messages or space used

Gmail Manager

3. Better Gmail 2

This addon adds some useful features like hierarchical labels, unread message icon on your browser tab and many cool features. It uses  Grease monkey script. The description of this addon list the following as its features-

  • Highlights the letter rows in the new Gmail when you hover over them with the mouse cursor.

    Hides Spam Count

  • See what kind of attachment an email has in list view.
  • Same as attachment icons, but uses icon images native to your system.
  • Inserts cursor after the quoted message in plain text replies automatically.
  • Lists labels in a folder-like hierarchy.
  • Hides the unread count next to Buzz in Gmail.
  • Hides Gmail’s Chat box in the sidebar.
  • Hides the Gmail invites box on the sidebar.
  • Hides the labels that appear in a message row unless the user hovers over the message.
  • Hides Gmail’s Spam message count.
  • See unread message count first on Gmail tab title.
  • Plays an audible notification when you receive new email.
  • Shows the number of unread Gmail messages in the favicon in your Firefox tab.

4.Email This

This addon is one of my favorite addon in this list.This add-on comes as a saviour in cases when you are on a webpage and would like to mail the contents. The mail recipients would receive mail with title as mail subject and url and the selected  text as the mail composition i.e the mail body . It is really easy to use by shortcut keys and pop up menu.

5 .CookieSwap

An add-on which allows you to login with  multiple Gmail accounts simultaneously  in a  single Firefox window.A bonus feature with this is that it also works with Yahoo ! and MSN too.It stores your account information in form of profile which you can by a single click change.

    Cookie Swap

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  1. Rasheed says:

    Useful post .. does these all work in Firefox 4.0 ???

  2. Crunchynow says:

    ah….nice post…

    very helpful for me……

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