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Finding torrent nowadays is an easy job, since so many sites are providing torrents. But deciding from which site to get torrent is a tedious job. So here are Top 50 torrent sites from where you can download various stuff. Ranking is based on sites popularity and number of torrents available for download.

1. Isohunt

After the shutdown of mininova and arrest of founder of thepiratebay, it made fortunes overnight to become the most popular torrent site.

2. Btjunkie
With its large amount of database of torrent, it has gained the much needed fame in a short span of time. It has nice torrents with large number of seeds and lesser number of leechers. It also offers e-mail updates of new torrents which are added to its database.

3. Thepiratebay
It was the undisputed king of torrents but after the arrest of its founder this site became less popular. He was sent to jail for 2 years for violating copyrights. But, nevertheless it has again become popular among users.

4. Torrentz
This torrent websit also get huge number of users visiting it every day. It has as feature which scans the torrent and identifies whether the torrent is safe to download or not.

5. Demonoid
Demonoid has made such a reputation in the web that many sites compare themselves to it. You may loose your membership if you do not share files and maintain your requisite ratio.

6. Torrentreactor
torrent reactor
The number of people visiting this site is increasing day by day and it has many good quality torrents with large number of seeders.

7. Bittorrent
This is not a site where you can download torrents but a client to download data via torrents. This site provides a software named bittorrent which allows users to download and save torrents from net.

8. Mininova
It was once the king of torrents, but after certain lawsuits was filed against it, the owner was forced to close the site. But now it back again, and has again gain popularity among torrent users.

9. Kickasstorrents

This is a  new entry in top 10 torrent sites. Site’s community members have increased at a much faster rate than other torrent sites and the quality of the torrents uploaded is also quite good. Its p2p network has increased many folds since its release.

10. Sumotorrent

This is another famous torrent site among the users. This site has large number of torrents available for download.

Beside these top torrent sites, there are many other sites which provide torrents for download. They are :

11. Extratorrent

12. Torrentportal

13. Torrentbox

14. Torrentspy

15. Bitenova

16. Mybittorrent

17. Alivetorrents

18. Torrentdownloads

19. Youtorrent

20. Vertor

21. Torrentroot

22. Monova

23. Torrent2crazy

24. Torrentbit

25. Torrentzap

26. Yourbittorent

27. H33t

28. Fulldls

29. Entertane

30. Fenopy

31. Seedpeer

32. Torrentscan

33. Torrentmatrix

34. Scrapetorrent

35. Torrents

36. Gpirate

37. Commonbits

38. Fixflux

39. Zoozle

40. Gamestorrents

41. Animesuki

42. Newtorrents

43. Datorrents

44. Cheggit

45. Torrentfive

46. Bitsoup

47. Iptorrents

48. Torrentbar

49. Btmon

50. Torrenthound

Hope these sites will help you to download your favorite stuff easily. Do share your views about these sites.

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  1. Hey Akshay, Thanks for this list. I am an avid lover of Torrents. This will be really helpful to me. Thanks again.

  2. sureshpeters says:

    instead of searching files in each torrent website , there is a websit called torrentz you can search all torrents at one place with single click..

  3. Ayush Gupta says:

    nice info. i want to use isohunt but it’s not opening here.. and its not internet problem i think ISP blocked dat site

  4. starjerk says:

    This is a superb post Top 50 Torrent Sites .
    But I was wondering how do I suscribe to the RSS feed?

  5. Romeo Das says:

    That was really an informative post man! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    Btw, hope you like my post – When love calls

  6. Sourav says:

    And I alway thought Piratebay was the top torrent site, anyway this was quite a detailed post .. now I know which websites to look whenever I am downloading some good! 😉

    Ohh and yes, you are invited back once on my blog too! Stay in touch! 😀

  7. aman says:

    the pirate bay is now closed lol!!!!!!!!!! 😛

  8. Realtorrentz says:

    You forgot a nice one

  9. Torrent says:

    You can add to you can search anything..

    Best Regards

  10. Arjun Singh says:

    Everyone know that and
    are the best.. 🙂

  11. Locke says:

    Im shocked not to see on the list. The site is the only site online who has only verified torrents. It doesn’t have one fake on it. Over 400K torrents and they even pay people if they find a fake. Seriously… I recommend it to the admin of this website. Quality over quantity. So sick of fakes on other sites.

  12. GetTorrentz says:

    best search engine all torrent sites are connected in gettorrentz

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