Top 5 Virtualization Softwares

These days many of us uses virtual machines for carrying out our work. By virtualization we can run many OS simultaneously. I am going to discuss about top 5 Virtualization softwares which you can use.

1. VMWare Workstation :

It is the exclusive product of VMWare which is used to run several operating systems on a single machine. The following are its main features:

a. Complete flexibility of switching between different Operating Systems.
b. Creates a virtual environment for effectively implementing the database servers.
c.  Highly Secure and Reliable.
d.  Better renderization and graphics support.
e. Highly interactive user interface and Virtualization platform.
f. 256 bit AES encryption.
g. Automatic support for USB and Printing.
h. Auto Protect feature takes the snapshots of the system at set interval to identify any bugs or errors.


vmware2. VirtualBox :

It is developed by Sun Microsystems. But it is now freely available under the Open Source Initiative. The following are its features:

a. Almost all the operating systems are covered.
b. Rated as the third most popular software running on Linux systems.
c. Highly interactive User Interface.
d. Support for all types of Disk partitions.
e. Shared folders.
f. Seamless mode.
g. Special drivers and utilities to facilitate switching between systems.
h. 2D Video Acceleration.
i.   Extensive support for Intel and AMD processors.


virtual box

3. Microsoft Virtual Server :

It is developed and maintained by Microsoft Corporation. Its features are:

a. Highly Efficient.
b. Designed for the 2003 Server Edition.
c. Increased Server Utilization.
d. Reduced Costs.
e. Highly Reliable Microsoft Assessment and Planning tool which determines the readiness for 2008 server within few hours.
f. Decreased Power Consumption.


microsoft virtual server

4. OpenVZ :

It is a virtualization tool that is only for the Linux users. It is a part of the open source movement and is available under the GPL License. Its commercial version is also offered by Parallels. The following are its features:

a. For server virtualization only.
b. A single machine can serve as the multiple server configuration with the help of Parallels Virtuozzo Containers which isolate one server from the other.
c.  Multiple application support without any compromise on the throughput of CPU.
d. Highly Efficient Server Utilization.



5. Moka5 Live PC :

This engine is used to create live PC’s which can be used for software testings and other debugging. Its main features are:

a. Fast testing and instant results.
b. Any new software can be tested without any risk.
c. Single click recovery from malware and viruses.
d. Single click recovery from malware and viruses.
e. Centralized Placement of documents which can be accessed later on.
f. Efficient IT Administration.
g. Ease of backup
h. Local execution for anytime, anywhere access.


moka five

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  1. Crunchynow says:

    Nice tools….

    i was already using Microsoft Virtual Server…thanks for others too…..

  2. Andreas says:


    that is a really helpful list, thank you!

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