Top 5 Best and Reliable CDN Services

In this age of broadband internet and faster devices, there has been a constant urge amongst the webmasters and administrators to improve the loading times of their website. That is where the content delivery network (CDN) finally comes into play. This excellent system is one of the best and reliable ways to improve the performance of your website. There has been a greater emphasis on reducing the loading time of any website for good SEO and better user experience. Some of the best and reliable CDNs that are best suited for normal website or blog are given below:

1. MaxCDN: This is the best and most popular CDN that is currently present in the market. It is considered as the Best CDN on the basis of the price and the services that are offered by it. It offers you 1 TB of traffic for only $39.99. Moreover, it is very simple to setup and you can share this package easily amongst your friends so that you can cut back on the cost. Besides this, the company also offers you online storage which can be easily purchased from the company.

2. CloudFlare: CloudFlare is mainly known for the free services it provides but the game plan that is employed by the company to lure its client is pretty good. The company has 13 edge nodes that are located all around the world. If you have a small website or blog you can use the free version offered by Cloudflare. . There are three types of plans namely, free, Pro and Enterprise. The Enterprise version would be introduced in a short while.

3. Amazon CloudFront: This is another successful CDN from one of the major players in the cloud computing arena. The company offers you a whole lot of features. The pricing has been done slightly on the higher side. For 1 TB of traffic, you need to shell out $300 and there is no cloud storage offered and thus you have to store all your important files and docs on the other Amazon services. The service has 19 edge nodes all over the world and has 3 dedicated nodes for the Asian traffic only.

4. VPS.Net: This is another leading prepaid CDN network that has a number of features such as simple to use interface, multiple server support, cloud hosting and much more. The service can be scalable and offers suitable pay plans for you. The cheapest plan starts at $34.95 for 1 TB of traffic.

5. SoftLayer: This is another excellent moderately price CDN service. The SoftLayer CloudLayer offers its cloud enables services to its customers at the moderate prices. The best part of this service is that you can pay either on the usage basis or on monthly basis. You can surely give this service a try if you want to pay on the usage basis.

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  1. I am using MaxCDN and pretty much satisfied with it, but would like to know how can we do live streaming via MaxCDN do you have any idea?

  2. cool91 says:

    Been using Cloudfare since last 2 years and it has definitely improved page load times while improving the security of the site.

    How does maxcdn compares to Cloudfare??

    • Akshay says:

      Both uses different approaches,CloudFlare speeds site by caching resources whereas MaxCDN acts as the content delivery network with servers located at different places, you can even try to use both the services together.

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