Top 10 Sites to Calculate Your Website Worth

Want to calculate your website’s worth? If yes then just read the post below to find out the best sites to calculate your website worth or website value. Every webmaster or site owner want to know his/her site’s value. But there are lot of tools available on the internet to calculate the value of a site. Today we will tell you about Top 10 Sites to Calculate Your Website Worth.

1. WebsiteOutlook :

website outlook

This website is one of the best place in the world to measure the popularity of your blog and website. The website maintains a proper panel to analyze your investments and suggests ways to improve it.

2. YourWebsiteValue:

your website value

This website estimates the value of the website based on many factors like pages indexed, number of sites linked, popularity and many other factors.

3. Worthofweb:

The Worthofweb values your website depending upon number of factors such as website traffic, popularity in various search engines, page rank, Alexa rank and much more. The site displays the estimated worth of the website along with the WOW score. They also show approximate daily and yearly earnings.

4. valuemyweb:

value my web

It has several SEO oriented innovative methods to evaluate the potential of your website. The site gather a large amount of data from various sources like social media, SEO keywords etc.

5. website-value-calculator:

website value calculator

The site evaluates the given site by using its own indigenous algorithm. The site in addition to the potential of the site also diplays various other stats like Alexa rank, visitors etc.

6. cubestat:

cube stat

This site in addition to valuation of the site also shows the values of several keywords related to the site. the site like any other site displays the other stats also.

7. webworth:

web worth

This website calculator calculates the worth of the site freely and displays the stats of the site in a graphical format.

8. sitevaluecheck:

site value check

Gives a detailed valuation of your website along with other vital stats of your website like Alexa Ranking, Google PageRank, Backlink Depth. However the valuation of this site is questionable as it presents several surprising valuations of some sites.

9. Glurk:

This free calculates the value of your website based on the stats entered by you in the form of the website. The stats include your PageRank, Alexa ranking, monthly traffic etc.

10. SitePrice:

This free calculator calculates the website worth based of various factors such as site visibility in search engines, social media visibility, number of backlinks, estimated daily visitors and much more.

All the above mentioned sites provide you an approximate idea about the value of your site. These values are not accurate. Do let us know if you use any other tool to calculate the value of your website.

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  1. Good Collection, I like Cubestat, it gives better result in comaprison to other website calculator.

  2. Arjun Singh says:

    I think Cubestat is the best.. 😛
    Do you know why.. because it shows that my site worth more than $9,500.. 😛

  3. Great list Akshay, will make a note to check these out shortly.

  4. Rieko says:

    I try all site, and find highest value for my site at 🙂

  5. Price of SJbn.Co Given by above websites

    1: $17293.7
    2: $65
    3: $200
    4: Email Required
    5: Email Required
    6: $15,719.82
    7: $17,297.90
    8: $3,212
    9: To much info asked
    10: $13,207 USD

    Yaar, itna type of worth of my blog.. hehhehe $65-$17k :p

  6. Satish says:

    I checked my stats and please dont ask me my blog value :\ its too bad. these people are making fun of me.

  7. ashish says:

    Cube stat is best..

  8. mystic says:

    good links to check the worth of websites

  9. you can also verify your estimated website worth at websites outlook

  10. Akshay Jain says:

    No one shows the real value. Every one shows the value which is unique in itself.

  11. Here is another website value checker I found recently:

  12. Nice list! I really like Cubestat though, i have a page about website worth its at

  13. starfall says:

    thanks! I need this to sell some of my sites. comparing site worth may help me see the average worth of my site. Thanks for sharing. I appreciate it!

  14. Hi , I agree it’s a really good list, I keep checking up on my site quite often and this post puts all the good value estimator sites in one easily accessible place 🙂

  15. Ehab attia says:

    Great sites and you can find more in google like thanks for sharing.

  16. poptropica says:

    I hope you can put more than top 10 list of website checker. These will be so much helpful to all of us. You were great admin for sharing your idea about website worth. Your a blessing. Thanks. Hope to see more of your articles and works!

  17. Alex says:

    Related to this topic, I have developed a website evaluation algorithm:
    I have used Google PR, Alexa Ranking, Alexa back-links and Compete Ranking as input parameters.
    The mathematical formulas behind the website evaluation algorithm are calibrated using real website transactions.
    Enter your URL and you will have a financial evaluation in a few seconds. (your website market price and your potential monthly advertising income).

    • funbrain says:

      I just used and the result was ok. not much of a details but its good to compare website worth sites. At least it helps to see the price of your website. Thanks!

  18. Jeff says:

    Hi Akshay thank for this top 10 summary of website value calculators. I do also have one ( This is also great! Please check it out. When you think its well, please take it to your post and title it. top 11 website value calculator 😉

    best regards Jeff

  19. Prabhat says:

    Cubestat not working now days so I am using

  20. Pankaj says:

    Can we rely on these results? ‘cuz i got really varied results on all of these sites..

  21. Stefan says:

    Those results are only for show.No one will give 900$ for a website with only 100 visits in 24hr and some of those calculators are not even close to reality!

  22. kizi says:

    Yup, I agree with pankaj, can we really rely on this? What are other steps to know the real worth of a website? Love to know more about website value so we can sell or buy it on a right price.

  23. Habba says:

    Quite an extensive list Akshay. May be some day our unique website worth calculating tool will also make this list. We appreciate anyone’s review and opinion about our tool. Cheers!

  24. jem says:

    You can now quote your website on
    and get virtual shares 🙂

  25. w3scope says:

    Cubestat not working. I think these tools are over-rating the sites. However a good list.

  26. w3scope says:

    Instead of these website worth calculatrs, in general if you looking to buy a website, the worth is calculated as 6x or 8x times the revenue it earn in a month.
    One blind, thumb rule.

    Though not applicable for all sites, this is a good deal.

  27. sunny says:

    Great list buddy.but i trust on websiteOutlook most.but Great work dude.keep it up.

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