Top 10 Antivirus 2013

Nearly everyone want to secure his/her computer from viruses and other malicious tools. So people keep searching for best antivirus program for their computer. Today we would tell you about top antivirus programs which you can use to protect your computer from various viruses and other threats. So here is the list of top antivirus programs available on internet :

1. BitDefenderbitdefender

This is most popular and highly recommended antivirus. Its features are:
a. IM Ecryption to keep your chats private.
b. Search Advisor to block any suspicious file from downloading.
c. A highly customizable interface.
d. Laptop Mode to save on battery.
e. Automatically updates itself within few hours.
f. Free 24/7 support.

2. Kaspersky


a. Real time protection against spams and viruses.
b. Hourly Updates.
c. System Analyzer which detects any suspicious activity on your PC.
d. Vulnerability detection seeks out recommended patches and updates for various programs.
e. Anti Phishing.
f. Virtual Keyboard to help secure your entries on banking and shopping transactions.

3. ESET Nod 32eset nod 32 antivirus

a. Stops any suspicious services and trojans that may intrude your computer.
b. Stops threats that may enter through various removable devices so you can share files easily without any worries.
c. SysInspector and SysRescue that performs system scan and diagnosis with confidence.
d. Self Defense prevents malwares and spywares.
e. SSL encrypted.
f. Free technical support.

4. AVGAVG antivirus

a. Scans smartly and fast.
b. Surf and Download confidently and securely.
c. Protection against phishing and fraud sites.
d. Keeps threats out of system.
e. Support and assistance.

5. Nortonnortan antivirus

a. Integrated Anti-Spyware and Anti-rootkit.
b. Bot Protection.
c. Pulse Updates.
d. Networking Mapping to detect any threats from networks.
e. SONAR 3 Behavioral Protection which scans your computer for suspected programs.
f. Norton Bootable Recovery Tool that creates backups regularly.

6. Avira


a. Anti Ad/Spyware.
b. Anti Phishing protects against phishing.
c. Anti Rootkit.
d. Mail Guard scans all your incoming emails and FTP transfers.
e. Rescue System creates backup time to time.
f. AntiVirProActiv.
g. AHeAD Technology detects unknown viruses by their profiles.
h. Netbook Support.
i. Avira Support.

7. McAfee


a. Anti Spyware.
b. On-access file scanner.
c. Daily updating of virus database.
d. Site Advisor which displays the safety rating of various websites that we surf.
e. System Guards which protects your computer.
f. X-Ray rootkit detection.

8. Avastavast

a. Built on certified antivirus engine.
b. File System Shield.
c. Mail Shield scans all your attachments and mails.
d. Web Shield protects against any HTTP proxies.
e. P2P shield protects from P2P file viruses.
f. Script Blocker disables any malicious script.
g. Network Shield which acts as an intrusion detection system.

9. Trend Micro

trend micro

a. Light Weight.
b. Anti-spyware.
c. Real Time Updates.
d. Cloud Technology support which helps in creating backups.
e. Automatic protection.
f. Streamlined interface.

10. Webroot

a. VB100 certifications.
b. Spy Sweeper that protects against spywares.
c. Easy to use protection.
d. blocks, detects and removes threats.
e. Great value for money.

These were the top 10 antivirus for your PC/Laptop. So which one do you think is the best Antivirus? Do let us know by commenting below.

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Comments (57)

  1. I prefer QuickHeal.. Using From Last 3 years..

  2. Avira should be ahead of all these it should be on first place its superb antivirus faster and smoother.

  3. Arjun Singh says:

    Bit Defender and KIS are the best.. πŸ™‚

    BTW bro u missed some good one’s like Panda…

  4. Nice Post….
    I think Panda Security Should be used instead of webroot. And panda is also one of leading AV’s Today

  5. Satish says:

    Yes the list is exactly correct. But why kaspersky came down ? and also you forgot to mention Microsoft Security essentials. Even that is really good antivirus πŸ™‚ Anyway thanks for the list dude πŸ˜‰

  6. Sagar Gholap says:

    I think this list should have included Net Protector antivirus. It really deserves to be on the list instead of Kaspersky or Bitdefender.

  7. Michelle says:

    I think AVG is very safe, now I have the avast not so sure that I’m with that.

  8. Yogesh says:

    I think Norton should be on the top list. Don’t it deserve to be?

  9. Bhuvanesh says:

    Bit Defender,Kaspersky,F-Secure are the best antivirus in the world !!!

  10. Thiru says:

    Thank god, I am using kaspersky which is in second place.. my choice is right..

  11. chandrasekar says:

    iam using eset it is powerfull and ggod to my computer

  12. crazy baz says:

    BitDefender is my favourite antivirus and he is on the top

  13. vipre says:

    vipre antivirus premium is the best antivirus solution its lighting fast and protects against all possible threats without hooging your system resource, its worth to be listed in top 3.I recommend to all to use it atleast once you will never look back at any other antivirus solution. I like its real time online protection feature which alters me about malcacious webpages even before i open them. it has superb fire wall too which stops millions of threats without even user interaction. its simply superb. whats more amazing it all comes in small package as 20 odd mb.

  14. vivek says:

    I think avast should be on the top list. Don’t it deserve to be

  15. According to my opinion quickheal and kaspersky works much better than others.

  16. victor says:


  17. mawia says:

    i think Norton is best antivirus

  18. Dima says:

    After searching, I found the best coupons, It works, I bought Norton

  19. Tushar says:

    I think BitDefender & Kaspersky is the world class antivirus.

  20. kevalkishan says:

    I think mcafee is good one to use

  21. My favorite is ESET. Nice list and nicely explained features.

  22. Dr MoM says:

    Microsoft Security Essentials is the best. Try them, guys!

  23. NAVAB says:


  24. sri vinoth says:

    Hi friends the antivirus which are listed above are very effective but slow down your pc………….. according to me the worlds no1 antivirus is MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS

    REASON NO 1 ; it does not slow down your pc

    NO 2 ; while scanning you can limit your pc usage

    NO 3 ; it actively scan your downloads , email spams ,

    NO 4 ; enables behaviour monitoring

    NO 5 ; Enables network inspection system

    NO 6 ; it gives real time protection

    NO 7 ; it automatically updates virus & spyware updates

    finally its free of cost so please try it and i assure you that it deserves NO1 spot in this survey

  25. paresh says:

    avast iz best……..!!!!!

  26. worlds no1 antivirus is MICROSOFT SECURITY ESSENTIALS he is the best anti virus for pc ,

  27. vikram says:

    i think net protected av is the best anti virus working all windows os support and cant do pc slow

  28. rajiv says:

    In all antivirus now days in 2011 the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 is a great antivirus.
    becoz of:-

    1] Fastest scanning speed.
    2] Low system resource used ( in 2012 version BD takes only 1.2MB of ram…Surprise!!!!!!!!)
    3] Auto-pilot mode for silent security.
    4] Scan Dispatcher – Triggers system scans when resource usage falls below a certain
    threshold to avoid any impact on your system’s performance.

    This features comes BDAP 2012 in 1st rank!!!!
    if u want download the Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 fulll just visit this site!!!!

  29. miller says:

    yap avast is the best

  30. Rajesh Sahoo says:

    From my point of view no one antivirus is good. Because I saw that for a particular virus I need a particular antivirus. So download the top 10 antivirus trial version to keep your computer safe.

  31. sudeep nair says:

    above all “KASPERSKY”………….n’ it’ll remain there forever

  32. wiiliam says:

    Bitdefender Antivirus 2012 is the best AV in the world

    becoz of it’s high rate of detection, High proactive protection, low system resource usage.

    Also my personal experience abt BDA 2012 is my laptop is infected by Trojan.win32 & no AV is deleted this virus /Trojan but i m surprise when i install the new version of Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2012 in my laptop….the all Trojans are securely deleted…Thnx for the new fastest Bitdefender 2012….

  33. Imraan says:

    i have used all of these anti virus..and found out that Norton is the best. Earlier it had resource issues but after it changed its av engine, it is now faster and lighter and very powerful like ever.

  34. Karl says:


  35. karthik says:


  36. shubham says:

    i can choose microsoft security essential
    because it is the best antivirus in world
    or saare antivirus ki baaand baja dega you can try it.
    kyuki mse anitvirus jo os system wallo ne made kiya TO UNSE BHETRE KUN JANE GA

  37. jobin says:

    eset node32 is a gud 1 and norton slows the systems

  38. jhakerz says:

    for me NOD IS NUMBER 1….

  39. raymond bongabong says:

    PANDA and BIT-DEFENDER are the best anti-virus I’ve ever known.

  40. Christian says:

    For me, I prefer Kaspersky,Bitdefender,AVG
    I tried using the Microsoft Security Essentials and got virus in my computer.
    It’s not good in virus removal O_O

    I tried Kaspersky, it works great. Only eats little resources. Also Bitdefender which is what I’m using today.
    AVG works great too, but sometimes slow.

  41. muthu says:

    i think ESET is very fast and efficient………

  42. Aditya Sharma says:

    I thInK KASPERSKY is bst

  43. sandeep says:


  44. prime yuri says:

    avast antivirus is the best. because it has a powerful weapon that is Boot time scan. this type of scan mode hardly seen another antivirus………

  45. Mirza Mazherullah Baig says:

    Sophos AV also not bad i am using it for my corporate network.

  46. yeah says:

    Norton 360 is the best antivirus

  47. KARTHIK says:

    Trend Micro is worst Antivirus.

  48. KARTHIK says:

    avg is the best Av..

  49. King says:

    NOD 32 will remain the best and every year a new version is released dominatin other antivirus like nothing. i use nod 32 2.70 since 3 years and no problem since now

  50. Venkat says:


  51. Swapnil says:

    Bitdefender is best that automaticaly scan and clear virus. new win32 virus is not cleard by other antivirus but here its can clear. 98.02% can scan and i think u get it

  52. sonesh says:

    I use the bitdender

    Its really awesome πŸ™‚

    Thanks for sharing

  53. I use Eset Nod32 Antivirus 5, and i am very pleased about it.

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