Tips To Reduce Your Site’s Bounce Rate

Decreasing the bounce rate on your website is important but you have to know what it is first. The bounce rate is the percentage of people that land on your site but that stay for less than thirty seconds before leaving it. The higher the bounce rate, the worse it is for you because it means that you are not grabbing the visitors’ attention. Having a bounce rate lower than 50% is okay but many websites have over 80%. This means that out of one hundred people that visit, only twenty are staying for longer than thirty seconds.


There are a number of ways that you can decrease your bounce rate. These should all be considered because either one can help you to keep the traffic that you are receiving.

Nice Cover Page

It is almost certain that you have been to websites that have a cover that is not appealing. You have to ask yourself what your first reaction would be and chances are, it is the same as others. You would bounce off the site. Take a good look at your cover or your main page. Make it grab the attention of the visitors as they are coming in. Even if this means putting your best information first, if it keeps the visitors there, then use it.

Limit Distractions

Having too much clutter around the main page or other pages can distract the individual. There might be too many offers, too many links or other such things. Have the pages simply while still having a great main offer. You can display the explanation of your services on one page and have the prices on another. Creating a separate page for links is another idea. This keeps the visitors on the website without giving them too much to look at all at once.

Specific SEO Topics

While there are visitors who find your site with broad SEO terms, many of them use specific words related to what they are looking for. Instead of just having broad SEO terms, use specific ones to draw the right traffic to your site. If you can draw the targeted market to your site and you have a good site created, your bounce rate will decrease.

High Quality Content

You need to post high quality content on your website for people to give you their time. Having content that is barely legible because it doesn’t make sense or because there are many errors gives a very bad impression. Not only is it frustrating to try to read but it also makes you seem unprofessional. Be fair to your guests and give them content that is easy to read and straight forward with the details that they want.

Easy on the Eyes

Looking at the computer isn’t necessarily an easy thing to do. If you have colors on your website that make it more difficult to look at then people will not stay. Colors of the background being too bright, text being too small or faded in color can all make the site seem unappealing and difficult to look at. Use colors that are easy on the eyes with text that can be read without squinting.

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  1. Razzil says:

    Do you think font size and color also affect the bounce rate?

  2. Fayaz Ahmad says:

    You may decrease the bounce rat of you site by putting quality and useful content to you site and using easy navigation

  3. ashish says:

    I believe once the visitor has come in make sure your site theme appeals that person to spend some time and let him test what all he wants to.. and in order to do that we need to reduce the bounce rate..

  4. Great article…Internal linking also helps, like adding a related posts list (like the ones in your posts) or links within the article itself.

  5. Roshan says:

    Great article, and nice information as I am looking for the one now. I have to implement these techniques to one of my blogs.

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