Tips for Writing a Popular Post

Just one popular post has the potential to attract more links and traffic than a month of your normal content. The following are tips which can help you write a popular post.

writing tips

Put in more time

If you work on something for six hours, it is likely to be good. However, you don’t have to spend that long. More time means that you can format, refine and ensure your post offers much value. Take time to really work on your content. This will show in your finished product.

Use your best idea

A post won’t become very popular unless it meets a pressing need. What does your niche need but hasn’t yet got it? The more your post meets a real need, the more popular it will become.

Format properly

Nowadays, social media is vital for promoting your posts on the web. Use proper formatting to highlight the best parts of your post. Emphasize your best bits of advice, your funniest lines, or your best resources. Make sure these parts stand out.

Brainstorm headlines

Whenever you see a catchy headline, chances are that it was picked out of several options. Very few bloggers can come up with a headline immediately. You need to spend a few minutes brainstorming, and you are likely to come up with something suitable. A weak headline will jeopardize the chances of success for your post. It is vital that you put in enough effort into getting it right.

Add much value to your post

Have you ever voted for or bookmarked something without reading it through? This happens as a result of the ‘wow’ factor. The post promises much value from the beginning making the reader excited about the post immediately.

Make the post attractive

If your post is attractive, it will grab the attention of readers. Take time to add thumbnails, formatting and images to your post. Let it be a visual feast for your readers. This will make your post stand out among other posts presented in a dull way.

Capitalize on your introduction

Use your introduction to give your reader a reason why they should continue reading your post. You could say something like “This post will explain….” or “In this post, you will learn…” From the onset, readers would like to know what they will get in exchange for their attention.

Utilize your network

If you want your readers to Stumble, Digg or Reddit your post, ask them to vote. If voting simply involves clicking a link, your loyal readers will be very willing to do so.

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  1. Jitendra says:

    Thanks for sharing this article…I agree with your point of putting time, brainstorming headlines and capitalizing the introduction.. 🙂

  2. Amrish SIngh says:

    Really nice artical . I am agree withe the topics mentioned by you . You can write a great post by using your best idea.

  3. First paragraph of articles decide the entire article. So, there must be some uniqueness.

  4. This article is to-the-point and that was the most impressive thing. Liked it… but I guess the image didn’t look much good. It was too small. A couple of more pics would have been better.

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