The Secret Way to Get Gov and Edu Backlinks for High Google Pagerank

Getting a backlink from a .gov or .edu domain is a reason to celebrate! But why? Simply put, these are websites that can increase the Google Page Rank of your site a great deal, because Google considers them highly reputable. Links from .gov and .edu sites are valuable assets if you are campaigning to increase your Google Page rank or your Alexa rank.

What Do .Gov and .Edu mean?

In the US, .edu is a domain reserved for universities, colleges, schools, technological and scientific centers or laboratories; the primary purpose of the entity owning the domain has to be education. Likewise, only entities of the government can own .gov domains. For instance, is the domain for the University of Hawaii, while the official State of Hawaii website is at


What’s So Great About These Backlinks?

SEO experts believe that a backlink from these sorts of sites is a very high-quality link. The prevailing opinion is that Google considers government and educational institutions highly credible, so it weights backlinks from these sites more heavily when calculating Page Rank. Since Google’s own credibility and business comes from providing high-quality search results for users, they are careful to build strong page ranking algorithms. Google orders websites based on the “references,” or backlinks, they receive. Backlinks from sites Google considers highly credible are worth more than backlinks from sites with less credibility. To get the highest page rank, the idea is to collect as many good (from highly credible sites) backlinks you can, and .gov or .edu sites are the top of the credibility pile.

How Easy Is It to Get Backlinks from Gov and Edu Sites?

Since government agencies are highly bureaucratic, rigid in their procedures and slow-moving in their actions, they are difficult to get backlinks from. Just as it’s very difficult to get a government employee to officially recommend an organization in an offline setting, it is quite tough to get links online from them. In general, government websites are very careful to link only to reliable sources.

Similarly, although academic staff often use their websites for personal as well as educational material, they are generally experts in their fields and select their links with great care.

The very rarity of these links and the fact that they are hard to get makes search engines consider them good indicators of a site’s reliability.

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So It’s Hard, How Do I Do It?

Drawing educational links is possible simply by providing useful educational data or insightful discussion. You could, for instance, discuss the results of a public survey, provide statistical information, offer reputable business publications, or share the unique results you found upon completing some reliable research—which means that your discussion needs to reference relevant academic publications and have strong science and logic.

Government websites are stricter in their site usage and linking policies. Most often government sites will only link to other government organs or specifically approved providers. For instance, you may be able to petition the relevant local department for a link if you are the provider/instructor for a local government-funded course on marketing.

In other words, you need to provide some service of real value to the community to get these links.

What About Indirect Links?

You may not easily be able to receive links from .edu or .gov sites directly. However, with some research you can still benefit from their high page ranks. Find an organization that one of these sites links to, and put some time in working with them. Often the websites of these organizations are starved for content, and once you have established some credibility for them, you can offer them your services writing exclusive guest content that links to your site. Since these organizations will have a high page rank from their direct link, the backlinks from their sites will be high-quality.

Running a small blog may render it very difficult to get direct .edu or .gov backlinks, but you can get many indirect backlinks by working with related organizations.

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    Like any backlink, in my opinion it really does depend on the quality of the website as to whether it’s worth it or not. Don’t be fooled into paying inflated prices for .Govs/.Edus without assessing the content of the website first. Be honest with yourself ~ do you really want to associate your website with this kind of site? If you answer yes, brilliant, if you answer no, move and and keep searching.

  10. Fully agree to you, links from gov or edu are highly valuable. There are blogs on gov sites where they may allowed you to post your comments and there you may get a backlink.

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