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5 Amazing iPad Tips and Tricks

You must have seen in movies or read somewhere about the various secret tunnels and rooms which existed in the ancient castles and its occupants oblivious to them. In our modern era also there are castles, but thanks to nanotechnology, they are much smaller in size but much more complicated. I am talking about the […]


5 Ways To Speed up Computer

No matter how great a configuration your computer comes with, if you use it with negligence, its performance will go down. Even the best of processors feel the heat when your memory runs high and there are a bit too many applications to be comfortable. In such cases what works to speed up computers is […]


Top 5 Touch Screen Phones

Are you guys thinking of buying a new touch screen phone in 2011 or there is already an contemplated phone in your mind ,if so then you guys better pretermit because in this post I am going to discuss the best upcoming phones of 2011 with their features. So the Best Upcoming touch screen  phones […]


Some Must Know Facebook Tricks And Facts

Here are some cool Facebook tricks which are safe to use and fun to perform. 1. Get Chat History even when your friends are offline : Unlike Gmail and Yahoo! Facebook doesn’t really stores your chat history, but with a simple trick you can view your recent Chats. Step 1 : Obtain your Friend’s UID […]


Unzip Files Online Without Using Any Software

Ever received a zip file but did not had any software to unzip it at that point of time? Ever felt lazy to start your software like winrar or winzip to unzip the compressed files? Well, we all will agree that unzipping files online is more easy as compared to unzipping them using any software. […]


Carry Your Desktop in Your Pocket on a Usb Drive

What if you could take your entire PC on your USB drive  or even your iPod? You might have heard about some of the Virtual machine solutions but all of them needs to load the operating system first. Here we bring in the review of MojoPac- which helps in turning any USB Storage device into […]


Compress Your MP3 Files

What if your could triple the capacity of your Mp3 player or memory card without spending a single penny? Sounds really astonishing,isn’t it ? In today ‘s music crazy world, we all want to store maximum number of songs in our player. But whenever the storage of our player  becomes full, we tend to delete […]

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