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5 Great Data Backup Software

In today’s world computers are more prone to crashing and when this happens all your data goes to drain. Computer crashing has became very common and it is happening with nearly everyone. To fight against this we all do a common thing called data backup. In this process we backup all the important files on […]


Top 5 Touch Screen Phones

Are you guys thinking of buying a new touch screen phone in 2011 or there is already an contemplated phone in your mind ,if so then you guys better pretermit because in this post I am going to discuss the best upcoming phones of 2011 with their features. So the Best Upcoming touch screen  phones […]


Cheapest Android Phones of 2010

Do you want to buy an Android phone but your budget is not allowing you to do so? If yes, then this thing will not tease you anymore because in this post I am going to share the 6 Cheapest Android Phones available in India with their features and most importantly their Price. The chronological […]


Compress Your MP3 Files

What if your could triple the capacity of your Mp3 player or memory card without spending a single penny? Sounds really astonishing,isn’t it ? In today ‘s music crazy world, we all want to store maximum number of songs in our player. But whenever the storage of our player  becomes full, we tend to delete […]


Recover Permanently Deleted Files

Whenever we delete a file permanently using SHIFT + DELETE, we expect that is is permanently deleted and that we cannot recover it. But what if that file could be recovered ? What if we could recover files even after a accidental format ? Without a backup there is no chance that these files can […]


Top 5 Photo Editing Softwares

1.Adobe Photoshop Elements : Photoshop Elements 9 accepts every importing device,has many editing tools, is able to be shared in quite a few ways, makes organizing photos a total breeze, has every output capability,is capable to run in every configuration, and has a good help section which provide information about every editing tool listed in […]


Download Facebook albums or images as a single zip or a pdf file

Sharing photos over social networking sites is a taking a huge toll now a days. This is a nice way to keep in touch with your friends, relatives, acquaintances and develop good relationship with them.Whenever we like  a photo,we usually save it in our computer. But what if we like the whole album ? We […]

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