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5 Great Gaming Keyboards For Gamers

These days nearly everyone love to play games. So Today I am going to tell you about 5 Great Gaming Keyboards For Gamers which can enhance your gaming experience and skills. 1. Logitech G15 This is an amazing keyboard. It is a product of Logitech which I think needs no introduction. This keyboard has almost […]


Top 3 Motion Sensing Gaming Controllers

Were you planning to buy a Nintendo Wii, but was confused which motion console to buy after the release of the ps3 move and the xbox360 kinect? Then this post should help You decide which one to buy. 1. Xbox 360 kinect: Sensor : Color and depth-sensing lenses Voice microphone array Tilt motor for sensor […]


Sony’s New Phone Cum Gaming Console

Hey Guys are you thinking of buying a new PSP or other gaming console with a new mobile this year? If so then become a little painstaking because in this post I am going to discuss the features of Sony’s new Phone cum Gaming Device! Isn’t this simply magnanimous that you do not need to […]


Top 5 Gaming Consoles

The following are the world’s most popular video game consoles: 1. Sony PSP-3000 : This solid portable media device is ideal for game lovers. This gaming console is an improved version of its predecessors with improved battery life and AV output are some of its improvements. Some of the features of this hand held console […]