Sony PS Move Is Finally Launched

Years back Sony changed the way people enjoyed video games on TV, by introducing its exceptional product, play station. It had the most advanced game console at that time. But this time Sony changed the way people play video games, and this time it is taking you into the real battlefield, real tracks for racing, and real tournament of golf. And this is no joke. Sony has launched its most technologically advanced game console with a revolutionary motion sensing controller, SONY PLAYSTATION MOVE, at first look, the game console is the same as that in playstation 3 and the wand looks like a small wand of about fifteen centimeters in length and about two centimeters in diameter, having a small ball at it end which is sensed by the playstation eye camera (which is provided in the kit). The console is the same as that in PS 3 .


The PS MOVE controller is the thing to talk about. It is a very precise controller which can detect even a slight flick of the wand. It has a certain colored light in the ball, which is the only one detected by the PS eye, as the eye selects a color of the ball such that it can easily make it out , of all the colors around it, which means the color can vary according to the surroundings. So it decides how your hand move. But that doesn’t mean you can win a fighting game against your opponent just like that, moving your wand in slow motion, while yawning .You will have to sweat as much as if  you are fighting in real. And all this credit goes to a pair of inertia detectors to detect the inertia of your wand and thus more the force you apply, more is the inertia, and more is the power of your punch. So it virtually creates a real environment of gaming. It also has sensors to detect the rotational motion of the wand. So in general PS eye can detect any possible move made by the player.


Sony is also providing a starters kit which has a PS eye along with MOVE motion sensor controller, and a sample CD priced at around 100 US dollars. And the controller alone is available at around 50 US dollars. So, overall a great package to play your favorite game while maintaining your physical fitness.

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