Some Well Known and Affordable Touchscreen Laptops

There is no doubt that Tablet PCs have been in use from quite a lot of time. Apple’s iPad has already become a highly successful gadget and there have been a whole lot of Android tablets available in the market these days. If we take touchscreen laptops into consideration, they are certainly modern gadgets.  Depending on the individual needs of people, there is a vast variety of touchscreen laptops now available in the market. Here we go through not only some of the finest touchscreen laptop options but those which are quite affordable too.

 Samsung NB30

Samsung NB30

The Samsung NB30 latop that boasts tactile touchscreen technology is definitely an impressive device from the netbook range of the brand. Even though the screen of this touchscreen laptop does not really swivel, yet it offers a near tablet feel and carrying it is really easy. Sharp and bright images are displayed by its 10.1-inch screen with 1024 x 600 pixel resolution. Irritating reflections in bright light are also prevented since this touchscreen laptop does not have a Super-TFT screen coating. The best part about this touchscreen laptop is that it is the cheapest choice in the market. Buy Samsung NB30 From amazon for just $359.

 Asus EeePC Netbook T101MT

Asus EeePC Netbook T101MT

The Eee PC T101MT touchscreen laptop is an ideal choice for all those who want to conveniently use a laptop while obtaining the experience of using a tablet. This touchscreen laptop has a tactile 10.1 inch touchscreen. This touchscreen laptop is extremely portable and features a quality design. This netbook is powered by a 320 GB hard drive and is also equipped with a 320 GB hard drive. Buy Asus EeePC Netbook T101MT  from amazon for just $600.

Packard Bell Butterfly Touch

Packard Bell Butterfly Touch LX.BL502.011

Laptop manufacturers had been busy during the first half of this year, introducing the latest touchscreen laptops. Similarly the Butterfly Touch was released by Packard Bell. This touchscreen laptop features a convertible-tablet, clamshell design, while its battery is capable of lasting up to eight hours along with offering complete touchscreen usability. This touchscreen laptop features an 11.6 inch screen and has a weight of 1.6 kg. The touchscreen laptop screen also turns around 180 degrees and offers full tablet usage after folding on top of the keyboard. Those who travel frequently would find this laptop amply portable and mobile. Buy Packard Bell Butterfly Touch for just £429.99 .

 Vye V-91015 Touch Screen Netbook

Vye V-91015 Touch Screen Netbook

The market is currently, probably flooding with tablet style netbooks with a swiveling touchscreen but none of them is as affordable as the Vye V-91015 touchscreen netbook. The standard laptop form of this netbook can be enhanced by rotating the 10 inch touchscreen, enable the netbook to be used as a tablet with the multi-touch display. This touchscren laptop is powered by an Atom 1.66 GHz processor. The weight of this touchscreen netbook is merely 1.3 kg, while it is equipped with 1GB of RAM and a 160GB hard drive. Buy Vye V-91015 Touch Screen Netbook from Ebay for Just £313.49.

Thus whether we consider a professional businessman or a busy student, the use of touchscreen laptops as a modern gadget is definitely recommended. With so many affordable options people can actually experience the innovation of these devices.

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