Some of the Best File Sharing Sites and Services

In the cyber sphere known as the internet there are two types of file sharing services that one can get accustomed to: Peer-to-Peer (P2P) file sharing and file hosting services. Both are remarkably similar, one being used as file transfer protocol that transfers large amounts of data in packets and the other simply being an alternative to peer-to-peer software, where the site “hosts” files. Some great examples of file hosting sites would be or

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Peer-to-peer relies on file transferring through data packets from multiple simultaneous users at once. One major difference between File hosting sites and P2P is that you are required to use a program such as BitTorrent, Limewire, Gnutella, or Bearshare. BitTorrent is a highly recommended program that can be used in conjunction with sites such as or, but uploading torrents can be a hassle, which gives way to the faster and at times more economical approach of file hosting services.

Some of the better file hosting sites are backed by security encryption and include (which allow up to 200mb worth of file uploads at a time) and At the moment is offering a 30-day FREE trial to all those who currently sign up now. An excellent deal for this site, as it offers the ability to send up to 10 gigabytes without emails bouncing and has 128-bit data encryption to secure your files from hackers.

Another excellent site file hosting site is, which will give you one gigabyte of space for free and allow for up to 100mb of each file upload at a time. One of the better ones includes, which amalgamates Web 2.0 technology and the use of Ajax and Flash. FileSavr includes a 10 GB upload size limit, which happens to currently be the largest available on the Internet, allowing users the wide range to upload large files of 10 GB or less.

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One of the better sites is also It is easier to use than most file hosting sites in that it has one click file hosting where you simply click on the upload button and select your file. After the file is uploaded you are then transferred to the page where the file is hosted. If the file is an image, it shows the image directly on the page for practical simplicity in file sharing.

If you only need to upload smaller files, one of the best sites for that is, which boasts as the “leader in free unlimited file hosting!” Free meaning that you don’t have to register, and that there is no extra applications to download. You are able to upload up to 300mb for absolutely free.

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  2. media fire and sharefile is good.

  3. One that like very much is I hope they don’t go wreck like Rapidshare after earning a good name and fame.

  4. Sebastian says:

    right now i’m using another service for sharing files. It’s realy easy to use.
    Try it

  5. Max says:

    Some other good ones are Adrive and SendSpace. Adrive allows 1 Gb per upload and 50 GB per account, they also never delete free user files (unless they are shared, but then after 30 days they Unshare the file, not delete it).They have download speed of about 500KB/s average, sometimes dropping to 300KB/s and up to 1.5MB/s. Sendspace allows up to 300 MB and deletes your file if noone downloads it for 30 days, but has an average DL speed of 1.5 MB, sometimes up to 2MB/s !

  6. David says:

    Honestly that was a poor list, all the way it’s free and offer minimal limitions as a free user. I use to search for any file I need, no problems works perfectly, I would even say better then filestube.

  7. Share and organize files with friends,family,colleagues create groups and more features to come join

  8. Neal says:

    A recent addition to this list, and one that I’ve used a few times is What I like about is that sharing files is a simple and quick process. The interface loads very quickly, and the lack of bells and whistles makes the file uploading and sharing process a breeze… Plus, you can share files up to 1GB for free.

  9. tsc0 says:

    You are forgetting Its pretty cool. Try it:

  10. BauerPower says:

    You have an interesting take. I like it! Great post!

  11. steve says:

    Great post! I use for image hosting

  12. thomas says: is a new free file/image hosting website.

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