Some Must Know Facebook Tricks And Facts

Here are some cool Facebook tricks which are safe to use and fun to perform.

1. Get Chat History even when your friends are offline :

Unlike Gmail and Yahoo! Facebook doesn’t really stores your chat history, but with a simple trick you can view your recent Chats.

Step 1 :

Obtain your Friend’s UID from their profile URL. UID is in the form of  numbers.E.g.124354343 .For example :

If your friend’s Profile ID is!/profile.php?id=117328737, then the UID is 117328737

With the advent of the User name ID in Facebook, it may become difficult for you to obtain their Profile URL. But no need to worry as the URL can still be obtained. Go to your friend’s Profile. Right Click on the “Poke Button” and select “Copy Link Location” and then you will have the profile URL on your clipboard. Simple, isn’t it?

Step 2 :

While you are still on Facebook and online on chat widget, Just paste the following script in your address bar:

javascript:Chat.openTab(ENTER UID HERE);

And then you will land up with the recent chat history with that particular friend.

NOTE : Facebook only stores your chat history for few days. So,this may not work for old chats or every time. Since this trick does not works permanently, you can try Desktop  Facebook client products such as Chit Chat or Digsby to keep a permanent record of your chats.

2. Facebook Easter Egg: Pirate Language :

Easter eggs are usually famous with Google. But Facebook also has an Easter egg. Changing your language to Pirate Language. Go to the language settings page and scroll to the bottom of the list of languages, and somewhere you will find  “English (Pirate)” in the list of supported languages. Select it and see the magic. Set yer native tongue ter pillage ye older Facebook.

3. Facebook Chat Emoticons :

Apart from the traditional Chat emoticons, Facebook has  a long list of Smilies. Here is a complete list of all the Facebook Chat Emoticons.

smile frown tongue grin gasp wink glasses sunglasses grumpy unsure cry devil angel kiss heart kiki squint confused upset pacman colonthree robot putnam
🙂 🙁 😛 😀 :O 😉 8) 8| >:( :\ :'( 3:) O:) :-* <3 ^_^ -_- O.o >:o :v :3 :|] :putnam:

4. Get Facebook Chat on Your Desktop :

For this you will need Gabtastik, a desktop client for web chat. Gabtastik lets you keep  your chat sessions open on your  desktop without opening your browser.It is a  definite must for people that use facebook addicts. It uses minimum system memory and works without a flaw.You can also try Chitchat.

5. Schedule Facebook Messages and status updates

Sendible allows you to send and schedule facebook messages to your friends and acquantainces in future.Moreover,you can also schedule your status updates.The cost of using sendible is only an email account and a facebook account.Isn’t is great?

6. Flip Your Facebook status

Simply go to FlipText and write down your status.With a click,you will get your status text flipped up-side down.Share it with your friends and have fun. 🙂

7. Make Facebook search more effective

Ever thought about how to search for two people simultaneously in Facebook search at a single time. For such situations you can use a vertical line (the | character) to separate two queries and search for them at the same time. For example, If you search for “Akshay Aggarwal |Sarthak Malhotra” you will get search results for both the queries in the same list.

8. Facebook 2010 Infographic

2010 was a great year for facebook. With Mark Zuckerbeg being named as TIME’s Person of the Year and facebook adding 100 million users more to his head. Here we present the facebook 2010 Infographic containing all the major facebook updates,scandals,acquisitions and the other news

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  2. Pranav Jain says:

    The #5 is really useful 🙂
    but the #1 is very much buggy as most of the time it does not shows chat history 🙁

    • Sarthak says:

      Hi Pranav !
      U r right that sometimes it does not shows chat history but dis isnt becoz of Bugs 🙂 Refer to the note in d trick again ! 🙂

  3. FirstHosting says:

    scheduling status updates is nice share.

  4. esoftload says:

    great list. i was quite interested in scheduling message and status update.

  5. Pranav Jain says:

    After the introduction of new facebook messaging system 1 trick has became useless 🙁

  6. Arjun Singh says:

    The article was really awesome.. 🙂 and as we knw u have written and so this thing makes this article more relevant.. 🙂

  7. Sarthak says:

    Thanks a ton !! :))

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