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Samsung Electronics, one of the leading brands in the smartphone arena has recently announced its new Tablet and Phone hybrid, Samsung Galaxy Note. This post is aimed to throw more light on its specifications, features and its capabilities. The Galaxy Note is an all product range which is the result of Samsung’s deep customer research and understanding studies. The studies have shown the need for a hybrid device that could have all the capabilities of a laptop or a tablet computer and at the same time, it should be much more light and portable just like your cell phone. And the result of this research is the all new Galaxy Note which combines the power of a tablet computer into a smartphone. The Note maintains an optimal balance between smartphone capabilities and the tablet like viewing experience. All this have bettered the user experience and also have put the Samsung as the top contender to the Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

samsung galaxy noteState of Art Screen Display and Rendering

The Galaxy Note has a large 5.3 inch screen with 1280X800 super AMOLED display with a 180 degree viewing angle. This is one of the largest and most expansive screens that have been fitted on a smartphone. The Note is powered by Dual Core 1.4 Ghz processor that makes it one of the powerful in the market.

The high resolution of 1280X800 pixel are ideal for the PowerPoint presentations, news stories and other apps that can be used without much scrolling or zooming. The Note also this feature of splitting the main screen into different screens and each has its own program running in it. This makes switching between the programs and apps a breeze.

Broadening the Horizons of UI

The Note is powered by Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) with Samsung’s very own TouchWiz interface sitting in top of it. The company has included its proprietary apps and other social media hub apps for Facebook and Twitter. The Social Hub integrates all your messages, Emails, Contacts and much more. The device also has S Planner which makes full use of the device’s large screen and integrates basic functionality softwares like To-do list, Scheduler, Calendar, Navigator and much more.

Besides this super AMOLED touch screen, the company has included a stylus called as S Pen which is pressure sensitive stylus that enables you to write, scribble, draw and communicate on the screen itself. The S Pen functionality has been included in the native support of the Note so that User Experience is always best. Samsung is also planning to introduce an SDK for the development of pen based apps and other functionality. The user can send handwritten notes and communicate with others using the Samsung’s ChatON communication service which is similar to WhatsApp or Blackberry Messenger.

Besides this, the device is also sensitive to gestures and you can try out certain gesture to find the functionality it performs for you.

Cameras and other Optics

For those who have used the Galaxy SII then chances are that you will be operating this device without any problems. The device has an eight Megapixel rear camera with LED Flash and a two Megapixel front camera that allows you to make and receive video calls. The Note has streamlined the video recording and streaming functionality so that you wait less and enjoy more. The Note has 1080/30p HD video recording with support for MPEG video standard. Almost all the major audio and video formats are supported by this device.

Value Added Services and Apps

Some of the value added features includes the proprietary Samsung apps that comes preinstalled in it. Samsung Kies, ChatOn Messenger, TouchWiz, S Pen, Social Hub, Readers’ Hub, Google Apps, A-GPS, NFC and multiple enterprise solutions.

Other Features

The storage has never been a problem with Android, the Galaxy Note has an internal memory of 16 or 32 GB and the external memory can be expandable to 32 GB. Besides this, the Note has a number of standard sensors and connectivity options like Bluetooth, IR, USB and Wi-Fi.

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  1. Rohit Batra says:

    Galaxy note is really powerful smart-tablet cum phone, but damn it’s price is too high..

    BTW Site’s new design is looking awesome Akshay

  2. Great post and new design also great!

  3. James says:

    Interesting gadget, nice combination of phone and tablet in one device…a little too big but sometimes it’s more handy to carry one device instead of two. Nice review, thanks.

  4. syaonline says:

    Samsung Galaxy Note Benchmark (Antutu, Quadrant, CF-Bench, Vellamo) – Android Gingerbread 2.3.6
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