Rise And Fall – Part of Blogger’s Life

Being in blogosphere for a while a now. I have noticed some people inevitably declining, whereas some people progressing radically. Whatever the case, I believe that it is entitled by the fate or so called “luck”.

The real story is not to climb up the stairs, but to climb up and up without falling down. All of us goes through ups and downs. Don’t you?

We all have disproportional share in "Ups And Downs"!

What to learn from “ups and downs”?

The short-term failures are not ostensible to public, and they people tend to forgive things in a while. So don’t ponder, over your image a lot. I know it is a trait that shouldn’t be ignored.

Strive like Cheetah! Be Fast and Sleeky!

Remember and console your heart that these ups and downs are destined to you to learn your mistakes. Improve yourself, and be a better human. Same is the case with blogging, we all blog for people, and it is our primary duty to learn what they actually want or have expectations from us.

Have Trust In Your Self!

Never give-up! Never opt for plagiarism!

Don’t get daunted by comments and public responses. Rather consider a humble suggestion by a friend. When next time writing, consider thoughts for a while, don’t ruminate over it a lot, or you would end up in chaos and state of agony and confusion. Remember, we all bloggers are here to serve people so considering them is one of our primarily duty.

Why fret? Ain't world is a beautiful to be at!

Ruminate At Triumph Of Optimism!

Well, uptil now I have written up suggestions, which you are literally familiar with. One way or another.

This portion of advice is often neglected a lot. When you are at high spirits and you have confidence is sparkling. Keep yourself in state of humbleness and modesty. Learn how it actually is working. Keep all these memories when you are actually depressed.

At your highs, consider yourself as a public servant. Consider your thoughts, as this time your creativity is actually grooving. Look around you, you will find happiness and thought to progress. Try to capture this moment, and rewind like the video when you are in state of affliction. Seems impossible. Just envisage and feel alike when you feel at your highs.

Be confident. Feeling like flying in the air. Thump out all dejection, and cherish very moment of your life.

Have Confidence In Yourself!

Recently, my friend blogger, Shanker Bakshi, changed his brand ShankerBakshi.Com to NetProfitMantra.Com. This caused him immense loss of traffic, he got quite anxious, and won’t sleep with tranquility. But he had believe in himself, a confidence him to fight this battle. He said me once if fame and traffic was entitled to him earlier through his hardworking, it was a temporary failure, but in his mind it was apparent to see that discomfort but he didn’t lose confidence in himself. Instead posted like hell, used marketing strategies, SEO etc. And now he is actually recovering the traffic.

From that very moment, I have learned that confidence really boosts one’s spirit. A feeling of a clear objective but a long road to achieve your aim.

Some marketing gimmicks!

Well. It may sound some how imprudent and untrustworthy portraying. But being in blogosphere, getting to your audience really matters.

From your analytic reports, diagnose where you lag. Strive their, and surely success is entitled to you.

My Own “Ups And Downs”

I am a personality that gets jealous at many instances. This don’t mean I consider my self the boss. I actually get jealous of people only, within my acquaintance.

When my friends strive hard and got the success, which they actually deserved. I didn’t made any effective progress. As many of the bloggers know me from the name, of “Interview-Worm”. I nudged many bloggers at that instance. In this list, I actually mailed some of the prestigious bloggers. Guess what? I received ignorance and warnings from them, indirectly earned a feud from them. Since then, I only ask people who are up to my mark, and those who really deserved to be interviewed, and still striving to learn and improve my self.

Well talking about, my ups. I have learned to spread happiness and try to capture this same feeling for the time, when I feel dejected.

That’s how life is. Strange, awkward, with so many inevitable and unexpected turning points. Success is not part of your achievement. More important is one’s dedication, sincerity and hard-working in performing them.

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Well... I write about random topics, most of the time in mood of jesting around. I call my self philosophical but mere in reality I am an actor.

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  1. Ahmed Noor says:

    It’s a nice article and a very good advice to beginners who really dishards after some time.

    • Well, thanks for the appreciation. But it is not only for the newbies. At times, pro also go through this stage. And I believe it is a natural phenomena, in which painstaking efforts by other have to be shown, so one is not strayed.

  2. Awesome Article Man 🙂
    Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm.

  3. Pretty true! There has to be an encounter of failure without daunting…

  4. Akshay check the 2nd and 4th point might help you.. And great one.. Will be good tips especially for new once.. 🙂

  5. vivek says:

    life contain lots of up and down but we should not lose hope many my friends criticized me when i started blogging they say that you are from civil you wasting your time but today i started achieving what i want………

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