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Online ScannerIf you find any suspicious file on net or you download any file from Internet, but you think it might contain virus and want to scan the file but you do not have any antivirus installed. What will you do in that case? Answer to this problem is you can scan the file online or you can just use the download link of that file to scan the whole file without actually downloading the file. Now you might think that most of the people have antivirus installed on their computer so why would any one use online scanners. The online scanner I am talking about not only just scan the file with one antivirus program but it scans the file with 41 different antivirus programs. So basically it has two advantages :-

1. You can scan a file without downloading it.

2.You can scan file with nearly all antivirus programs, so now you need not to worry that your antivirus might not detect a virus.

To use this online scanner visit  Virus Total and scan your files with over 40 antivirus programs and will display the results.

So next time you are worried about any file which might contain virus and you think your antivirus might not detect the virus or your antivirus is not updated just visit this site and scan the file with nearly all antivirus programs.

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