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Do you have a doc or word file which you need to send to your friend who wants it in the PDF format? Then don’t worry we would be talking about some of the best online Doc to PDF or you can say word to PDF converters that are available today. So here are some of the best online word to pdf converters :

word to pdf converter

1. Word to PDF

The website allows you to upload a file from your computer and then it will convert the doc/word file to pdf format and email you the output PDF file when the conversion of the file is completed. The website apart from providing the free online word to pdf converter also provides you a tool called Nitro PRO which can be used to convert large collection of files to PDF file format in a single click and also provides the ability to directly edit the converted PDF files.

2. Docs Pal

Docs pal is an online service  that supports a number of file formats as input and provide the output file in a variety of formats too. Once the files are converted into the desired output file type, the file will be mailed to youl and you can also opt for getting the download link in the email for sharing the file with your friends.

3. Convert Online Free

Convert online free lets you can convert your Doc or Docx files into PDF file format without any hassles or inconveniences. The best part of this free service is that the image quality or the text quality present in the document is not compromised upon. Once the file is converted into the PDF format, the file can be downloaded directly from the site without any need for the email address or any other personal information. Site also provides some other online free tools such as Zip converter, File Recovery tool and much more.

4. Doc 2 PDF

This is another simple and ready to use online utility where you can convert your word documents easily into PDF or Odt (Open Document Text) file format. Besides this, the website also offers you some interesting tools such as PDF Merger and Splitter, PDF to Word converter, PDF to image converter and Image Converter tool. Site also provide the ability to convert powerpoint or excel files to PDF file format.

5. Word 2 PDF

Word 2 PDF is an online utility that is similar to the word to pdf converter where you can upload your doc file and the resultant PDF file would be sent to your email address. The email would also contain the download link of the PDF file so that you can share the converted file with your friends. The best part of this tool is that all the formatting in the doc or word file would be preserved in the PDF file.

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    I use cutepdf to convert my documents to pdf format…I’ll try one of these online converters now

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    Try out the new online service:
    Convert pdf to word for free

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