Now You Can Test Your Blog/Site In Every Browser!!

If you are a website or blog owner and you are doubtful about your site/blog looks in different browsers or you need to see your site/blog in all the browsers just checkout the following article.

Some times it happens that different browsers show your website/blog with the different font or images and in some cases your entire blog/site layout appears to be different in different browsers. Realistically, you cannot install every browser on your computer and check your site/blog on it.

So why not use a simple way of checking your site in all the browsers?

I am going to tell you a site from where you can check your site/blog in all the browsers and different Operating systems also  and you can that assure that your users will have a smooth surfing experience on your site/blog. The name of the site is Browser Shots (Link at the end). The site do not even required any sign up or registration. You just need to submit your site and wait for a few minutes which will depend on number browsers you have selected in which you want to see your site/blog.

This site has around 70+ browsers from which you can select the browsers in which you wan to check your site or blog appearance.

It is an awesome site to test your site/blog in all the browsers without performing any time consuming tasks or activities. Just submit your site’s url and wait for few minutes. After few minutes Browser Shots will display images of all browser in which your site was opened. Here are some of the features which Browser Shots features:-

  1. Full screen preview of every browser.
  2. You can download all the screen shots at once.
  3. There are around 70 different browsers in which you can preview your site/blog.
  4. You can select the individual browsers in which you want to preview your site/blog.

This is the ideal site for people who want to get a quick overview of the number of browsers which are showing your their site/blog correctly. You can use it to decide whether to modify some parts of website/blog to make it correctly visible in the famous browsers.

What are your views regarding this website? Kindly share your views with us.

LINK – Browser Shots

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