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These days, blogging has become more of a profession rather than a hobby. Blogs are the perfect way to share and discuss online with the like minded community and thus it offers you a nice platform to shine. Here are some of the Most popular desktop blogging tools which you can use so that you can speed up your blogging skills.

1. Windows live Editor: This is an excellent desktop blogging tool and is widely used by most of the bloggers worldwide. This tool provides a simple, clean and easy to use interface where one can compose a blog post pretty easily. The interface is very similar to the Microsoft applications which would feel as if you are composing a Word document. Another interesting feature of this tool is the plugin support which allows you to enhance its utility which is appealing to the advance users.

2. BlogDesk: This is a multi-language blog editor which allows you to make your blogging process streamlined and free from glitches. Some of the other features which are offered in this tool is the simple and easy to use interface, image editing, support for the Technorati tags, pinger and spell checker. The image processing editor is another main feature of this tool.

3. W.Bloggar: This tool is really a great desktop blogging tool for the advance users. The tool offer you features such as importing text files, posting to many blogs, pinging posts to many blogs, Technorati and Ping-o-Matic. Another great feature of this tool is that there is portable version of the tool available which can be stored in a USB drive and can be used on any computer.

4. Scribefire: This tool is pretty different from the tools which have been described above. This tool is an extension to the Firefox web browser which is one of the popular web browsers in the world. Whenever you want to blog about the current page that you are viewing, you can easily hit F12 key and the Scribefire extension becomes active in the lower half of your browser screen. The only downside of this extension is that it lacks a quality text editor. But we can expect a whole lot features in its next update.

5. Bleezer: This is another excellent desktop blogging tool which offers some advance functionalities as well. This tool is available across all the major computing platforms such as windows, linux and mac. It has a number of features such as spell checking, pinging services, file upload and much more. This tool is available for free and works efficiently.

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  1. karthik rao says:

    cool! i will see if i can adjust to it since i’m a blogger too.

  2. Ujjwal says:

    Really Great tools, Thanks For Sharing.

  3. cool91 says:

    I actively use windows live writer…does any of the others software mentioned provide any benefit over live writer.

  4. Ankit J says:

    Great tools to enhance blogging experience.

  5. Alex says:


    Nice tools, I will try now for blogging.. Thanks for sharing those…..

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