Learn Ethical Hacking : Protect Yourself From Getting Hacked

Today I would like to introduce to Innobuzz Ethical Hacking Training. Firstly you must be thinking why I am writing about such an article all of a sudden. The base of the article lies in the past, five months ago when one of firend’s site was hacked and defaced by some unscrupulous people and as a result he faced very trouble in recovering the lost data and have to start all over again. More over many of friend’s keep on asking how to protect themselves online and against malicious tools like keyloggers and rats. To overcome these problems I decided to learn about the Ethical hacking in order to protect myself and my friends from various threats.

innobuzz hackingThen I searched over Google and asked some of my friends and came to know about the Distance Learning Program from Innobuzz. Before talking about the course lets first talk about the company and its operations.

Innobuzz has been in the field of IT for more than 10 years now and has its offices in Australia, US and Canada. The company also offers many courses like SEO, Ethical Hacking, PHP, Network Security and Web Application Security. The students have the benefit of taking these courses through the regular classroom teaching or through the distance learning program. The other merits of Innobuzz are:

  • Highly competent faculty and I would say that one of the best in the industry
  • High quality content that is prepared by the experts of the Innobuzz keeping in mind the latest developments and requirements of the industry
  • Highly competitive pricing


The course I opted for is Certified Information Security Expert via the Distance Learning option. This online course is meant for the fast paced individuals who don’t have sufficient time to attend classroom sessions. This course is meant for them. The major prerequisite of this course is only the basic knowledge of networking and computers. On the subscription of my course I received a book and 4 DVD set which contained all the material required for this course. Some of the features of the training are:

  • Practical hands on approach and is much better then reading simple eBooks.
  • Full multimedia ready kit with Audio-Video and Demonstrations that are placed at various places.
  • Extensive coverage of real life scenarios and cases that have taken places in the recent past
  • Assignments for students to research and further dwell into topic.
  • The course has been designed by the in-house experts who keep in mind the growing demands of the IT industry.
  • Multiple Job Opportunities.

You can even download the brochure for Innobuzz Ethical Hacking Distance Learning Program From Here. There content and training kit is quite impressive and much easier to understand. This course has its own benefit such as no time boundations so as to complete the course and this would help a individual to complete the course at his/her own pace. You will be provided with the Live Chat support and support via emails so that you can solve your queries and doubts. This unique training methodology helps greatly in dealing with the real life problems related to IT security. Some of the other advantages of the distance learning program are:

  • Flexibility so that the program fits according to your needs
  • No compromises on your work
  • Learn at your own speed
  • Improved familiarization with technology
  • Eliminates the commute time

On the last note, I would like to recommend you this course from Innobuzz if you don’t have enough time to commute to the center and take classes. Another great feature that I found about this course is that the customer support is there right till the end and even today I receive many SMSes from them regarding the job opportunities in the field of IT. Unlike other companies who forget you once you made payments. They will continue to call and email you so that they can track your progress which is AWESOME. Training Fee for this program is just Rs5,500 or $110. You get 10 day money back gurantee on ordering this Training Kit. You can order this Training Kit online from Innobuzz.

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  1. Rohit Batra says:

    Cool Akshay.. Nice Info have also been in this DLP program this is good one for beginners.. they also have a online Version of it..

  2. I was thinking about joining Ethical Hacking Course but ws in confusion about institutes,but now i am going to join Innobuzz 🙂

  3. Pranav says:

    Nice elaborate article! and yes I have heard good things about Innobuzz also.

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