Is Adsense the only way to Make Money From Your Blog ?

These days blogging is not just limited to sharing one’s thought with the world. Nowadays many people are opting for blogging as a career option and you can find many Full time bloggers or as the blogging community calls them Professional Bloggers or ProBloggers. Most of the bloggers rely on Google Adsense for making money from their blogs. These days it is quite hard to get your adsense account approved.Even when new bloggers get their adsense accounts approved, in order to maximize their earnings they get involved in invalid click activity and ultimately get their accounts banned. Some time back we wrote about How to use google adsense which was a complete guide about Google Adsense.

google adsense alternatives

Though it is probably the best Ad network it still have few limitations. To read more more about adsense limitations visit google adsense limitations. Beside having few limitations every blogger wants to monetize his/her blog using adsense. Once your google adsense account gets banned, according to Google Adsense Terms and Conditions you cannot apply for the new account. So is the end to make money from your blog ?

The answer is NO. You can still monetize your blog using various other ad networks or methods. There are many alternative ad networks present online. Few of them are Adbrite, Chitika, Infolinks, Technoratimedia etc. You can even earn money buy posting paid or sponsored reviews on your blog. One of the way to make money from your blog includes selling of links though it is not recommended to sell links from your blog.

To get better idea how you can really earn money without adsense we asked this question to some of the famous bloggers and webmasters. We asked them the same question Is Adsense the only way to Make Money From Your Blog ? After reading their answers you surely learn that adsense is not the only way to make money from your blog and there are many different methods present to monetize your blog.

Abhijeet Mukherjee of Guiding Tech Says :

Ad networks like Technorati and Valueclick can be tried out by a blogger who’s new. Once the blog becomes big, there are all sorts of choices when it comes to ad networks. Direct ad sales is also an option. One could try out BuySellAds too. Other ways to make money would be through paid reviews, affiliate marketing and selling your own products. I do not recommend link selling.

One of the ad platform Buysellads as suggested by Abhijeet is really a great place to find direct advertisers for your blog. There are many bloggers who use buysellads as an extra as well as main source of income from the blog.

S.Pradeep Kumar of  HellBound Bloggers is one of the bloggers who rely on other sources of earning such as sponsored reviews more than adsense. Read out what he has to say about it.

Adsense is not suitable for all unfortunately, so bloggers should move on to other earning methods. I would recommend affiliate marketing and direct advertisements. Because they both are really good ways to trigger income without affecting your blog much.
But for HBB, the major monetization methods are sponsored reviews and online services. If you can manage such sponsored reviews along with other posts then you can prefer this method, trust me it is the most popular monetization method for several blogs out there.

When we asked the same Question To Ramandeep Singh of Tech Clap, he told us every possible way a blogger can make money from his blog. He even mentioned Affiliate marketing which is a new field to be explored by many of the bloggers. Read out what he has to say about it.

Firstly, it is not end of Income even when your AdSense is blocked. No one have control over AdSense Team, or when they will disable your account, but one should firstly take care by logging their Visitors activity and tracking their clicks on the AdSense Ads. If you find any suspicious activity, you should report the same to AdSense Team. This is what i suggest to every blogger in India, whenever they ask about same.

But if your AdSense is already disabled, then it is not end of Income or your blogging life. Honestly, if you are aware about other techniques, then you can probably make equal or multiple times more income through other methods. According to my experience, no one other Ad Network has performed equally to AdSense. But there are few Ad Networks which pays good. One should not expect so high income from normal blog, but they should learn and go with niche sites. There Ad Networks/Affiliates and CPA ads can performs better based on visitor’s interest specifically.

Here are the Top Ad Networks after AdSense, i ever checked: Clicksor, Chitika, Kontera, Luminate (In picture Ads, previously known as Pixazza), Infolinks (Performs better than above mentioned networks, due to better ads in some niche’s), Technorati Media, Vibrant Media

If one have nice traffic, he won’t need to worry about AdSense ban. They can opt for ‘Tribal Fusion’ and even can sell their ads with ‘Buy Sell Ads (BSA)’. There are few other networks for selling your ad space of your blog directly to advertiser like ‘’. Though, these Premium Network can’t work on small sites, and they even perform better on some sites better than AdSense, who have large traffic. Those who are new in Blogging, can learn Affiliate Marketing, which can bring lot of $$ by selling products. Again this is niche specific, and few of niches have good Affiliate networks available.

Read what Saksham Talwar of Blogging Junction has to say about it.

Use alternative ad networks like AdBrite, Kontera or others. None of them perform like Adsense does, so you should not expect big checks. You can also try out alternate monetizing methods like publishing paid reviews (use, selling ad spots (use BSA), promote some products in your blog and earn commissions (affiliate marketing), etc.

If you have some connections, you could possibly get hired by someone very easily. For example, there is a huge demand for link builders, writers, etc. If you are lucky you can get hired by someone easily.

“Adsense is just another way of earning money through your blog” says Siddartha Thota of Gadget Cage. According to him :

Adsense is just yet other way of earning money through your blog. I admit that, it is a consistent way of earning money. But still we can earn in lots of ways. Some of my favorite ways of making money via blogging other than adsense are – Writing Paid Posts, Technorati Ad Media, Affiliate Marketing and Direct Ad sales.

Currently after Google’s Latest Algorithm, we should be careful in sponsoring Link Ads or Linking back to some crappy sites for Money. Instead, we can register in sites like Sponsored Reviews, etc., that helps us to get decent number of sponsored posts every month, but again the number of posts depend on your blog’s authority. If you have a decent blog, then there is no way of stopping you as you’ll be filled with Offers every day.

To be on the Point, I’d like the webmasters to rely on Direct Ad Sales and Sponsored Posts, instead of encouraging the Link ads. Affiliate Marketing on Tech Blogs might not be a Good Idea, it might have worked for some, but it didn’t worked for me.

Mohul Ghosh of who is a SEO consultant and Online Marketer explains various facts about adsense and tells about various alternatives to adsense.

Adsense is a advertising platform, based on revenue sharing mechanism, which has no doubt become very popular. It has created lots of millionaires all over the world, and it attracts the youth and makes them work hard. But when they get rejected, they are heart-broken. I know several bloggers who quit blogging, just because their Adsense was rejected! Now, given this opportunity to express my views regarding Adsense rejection and alternatives, let me first share what few facts about Adsense:

– Adsense is compromise.
– Adsense is short-term.
– Adsense is sheer wastage of your talent.
– Adsense is un-reliable.
– Adsense is un-stable.
– But, Adsense pays and is trustworthy.

Now, being a blogger and webmaster, you will need to find a balance between these set of facts, and work accordingly. In Adsense you essentially ‘rent’ your blog space to other companies and organizations you don’t even know of. You are paid on each click on the ads placed on your website. Thus, a user comes on your website. Reads the content. Sees the Adsense ad, and if he clicks on it, you are paid.

Now, the good part is, you are not doing anything. Just providing the content. And placing the ad. Traffic automatically comes, and ads are clicked, and you are getting paid. But the bad part is, you are driving traffic ‘away’ from your website! The reader’s attention which you just earned by producing nice content, is just being ‘diverted’ and ‘sold’ to some random company. You can never build a loyal readership with a Adsense targeted blog. And the real magic of Online Marketing lies in creating a loyal list of readers who follow you and read you.

Alternative to Adsense?

If you are trying to find another advertising based revenue sharing platform, then there are few competitors for Adsense. Maybe Buy Sell Ads. But the fundamentals are same. The real alternative to Adsense is selling your own stuff. And this stuff can be services, products or ideas. Services can include SEO, Online Marketing, Content Writing etc. Products can be physical products.

Ideas can be ebooks, manifestos, reports etc. The real money in Online Marketing, lies in selling your own products. However, if Adsense is working fine for you, then don’t leave that! Try to initiate another blog and website which is Adsense free. Use that to create products. And believe me, this suggestion comes from my experience of working as Adwords Manager for some of the top global companies who are investing more than a million dollars every month on placing Google Ads. If you are aware, Google Adwords powers Adsense. The dollars which advertisers provide, are given to Adsense publishers.

As per me, it’s not worth it. Use your talent of blogging and producing content to attract visitors and retain them. And apply Online Marketing principles, to make a killing. All the best!

You can leave a comment below if you want to tell any other way by which a blogger can earn money from his/her blog without adsense.

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