Interview With Siddhartha Thota Founder of GadgetCage

Hey guys, while thinking about my next post title i was wondering about my blog title. As you already know about my blog title, Screamable – Bloggers Screaming Loud. So i was wondering why should only me and few other guest bloggers scream here. Why not all famous bloggers scream out their thoughts on Screamable ? So i was thinking a way to make all bloggers scream their views and thoughts. Finally made a decision to start a new innovative way, interviews to justify my title. In this way i can make other bloggers to express their views and thoughts.

Well to decide about the first person whom i should interview was a bit confusing but finally made a decision to interview Siddhartha Thota, a famous blogger who blogs at GadgetCage. Siddhartha is the Founder and Editor of GadgetCage. He is a really talented blogger. He has written more than 700 articles so far. Do share your views with us.


1. We all know about you, formally give us a short introduction about you?

Hello Im Siddartha(S!D) from Andhra Pradesh. Im currently persuing my IT final year. I blog at and I used to do research on Social Media sites which is currently my hobbie. I keep on comparing the efficiency and capability of sites. Im pretty calm going guy, always a dreamer and No need of any adjectives to describe about me.

2. Your Views about blogging ?

Blogging is a field which appears to be simple, but there are many complicated things to know about blogging, So I believe that blogging is certain task that which gives us both Teacher as well as Student status at a same time. A Blogger is a teacher who teaches the world, at the same time a blogger is a life time learner.

Few people start blogging and they just assume that Blogging is just about writing articles and performing SEO works and spamming. Its not the actual definition of Blogging and its not the entire thing about blogging. A Blogger should be able to think in 3 views, 1.Writer 2.Reader 3.Presenter.

According to me a blog will be a successful blog, if the Head of that blog is able to have some uniqueness in his approach, and also should have marketing skills as well. Because I find many blogs having great content but they lack skills to present or take that article into readers and vice versa.

3. When You started your blogging career and how?

I started my blogging around 3 years back, My first experience with blogging started with which made me to start a blog. And my first blog is a personal blog and then was into Technology field.

But I strongly believe that I was one of the few bloggers who faced each and every phase of blogging. I have tested every phase for getting visitors by copy and pasting(first 6 months of my career), spamming, agony(for receiving visitors to my blog for first 2 years), Social Networking, SEO, Marketing and other crazy things like Checking out blog’s stats and adsense earning for every day over 10 times, Knowing new things like Alexa, Page rank etc during my first 2 years were really exciting in early stages of blogging.

I have to tell here about my brother Sandeep, whom I call to be 4X faster than me, he’s currently persuing +12 but he is way ahead of me in terms of the design and maintenance skills. He is the one who designed my blog. All my success is possible only because of his help and gesture.

After that, I turned on as a serious blogger and I should tell about Chethan from Chaaps is one who made me an eligible blogger and also My experience on working with RtBlogs was really helpful and enhanced my skills.

4. Who is your idol and why ?

I follow my own way, never try to imitate or copy other bloggers. But I love Harsh Agarwal’s style of writing and presentation but In personal my blogging idols as Amit Bhawani Harsh Agarwal and Chethan.

5. Being a Student Blogger, Does Blogging affect your studies?

Obviously, but I have controlled myself by minimizing my blogging till my 3rd year of, but now in my final year as I have decided to try my self as full time blogger, I have started taking measures to make sure that I stay on safer side on blogging once I pass out of my
Blogging is also another field which we should be careful, since we can see many young bloggers of age 13, or 15 etc enters blogging and its the money making via blogging that makes spend more time on it, but A blogger with Good Qualification is always the thing that matters.

So never neglect your Studies because we are not going to be a student at our 50’s, but we can be bloggers at 70’s as well. Enjoy your student stage as much as you can.

6. How often do you spend time with your friends and family?

Ahhh, its one of the most unhappy question when it comes to me. I really miss my family because of blogging, since I stay over 7 or 8 hrs infront of system. But I spend little time with Online friends(mostly bloggers). I think I really need to spend with my family. There is lot of change needed for me in this matter.

7. Do you have a girlfriend, whats your status?

I prefer the words “stay away from transformer as well as a Girl” both were highly risky areas that a boy shouldn’t dare to reach. Currently Im not interested, probably it would be better to say that I dont get time for such a kind of things.

8. Whats your monthly revenue from your blog ?

Consistently I earn over 150$/month via adsense and other affiliates etc add around 100+$ to my pocket and if I get any other projects than I may earn 100$ more. On an average I earn around 300$/month.

9. Is there any thing which you like more than Blogging?

I used to play cricket vigorously, even I dreamed of entering Indian cricket team as I have also participated in District level competition and after I entered into blogging, slowly my loved towards cricket shifted to blogging. Now Im currently interested in SEO, Social Media, Management, Coding and Cricket too(occasionally).

10. How do you feel to see people respect you at such a young age?

Yea, this is one of the best question to answer, I receive great deal of respect from few of my class friends, I dont say that its respect but the kind of attitude they show makes me feel proud. But at the same time receives few feedbacks like Im showing attitude etc things. So I have not caring any kind of things currently, just focusing on what Im good at.

11. What do you think about

I have been following Screamble sharply over past few months. One of my friends said me about this blog, as he wrote a guest post here and I love the style of approach of Screamble which is really a fresh and genuine approach and Akshay is having great ideas in motivating his readers.

I would like to wish Akshay as well as Screamble “All the Best” for the future. Keep rocking buddy.

12. Some tips that you would like to share with our readers?

As I always say, Blogging is a field that require 3 P’s Patience, Perfection, Passion including these we have to manage time being part time bloggers, Zeal to know and share new things, Unique approach, Presentation Skills, Writing Skills, Marketing Skills, and few more important things makes us a Perfect Blogger and Be Yourself is the best tip I can give you for Blogging.

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Akshay is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to write about Technology and Gadgets. He is very passionate about blogging and has been blogging since 2009. You can follow him on twitter @akshayable.

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  1. NIce interview…

    Its cool to know that he participated in “District level competition”….I like play a match against you bro… 😀

    If you come to Tamilnadu, Ping ME…..

    — Sudharsan @ Technoskillonline

  2. vijay says:

    Siddhartha is a very nice person especially hardworker and he designed my blog with high care, happy to here his interview in this blog….

  3. Murugappan says:

    This was really worth my time. What all you say, the 5th point Sidhartha made was really true. Me, as a student blogger, should follow Siddartha Thota!

  4. Satyajit says:

    yeah he is a nice person to talk to…i can say he is quite helpful and caring in his words…
    Thanks Akshay for sharing this interview with us… 🙂
    Anyways @Akshay you have a good blog…keep up the good work… 🙂

  5. Harsh says:

    Nice to see Sid’s interview. 🙂

  6. sidduz says:

    Thnx a lot Guys for your generous comments 🙂
    Thanks a lot Akshay, I really enjoyed it 😀

  7. Rajan Balana says:

    I always want to know about siddhartha and its all because of screamable guys thanks screamable :)) cheers

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