Interview With Praveen Sivaraman Founder of Techperk

In the past few weeks I did not published any interview due to some work and other factors but as promised we are back again with an interview of a famous blogger. This time I made a decision to interview Praveen Sivaraman, a well known blogger who blogs at Praveen is the Founder and Editor ofย He is a talented guy who has written more than 700 useful and informative articles about Latest Technology, Gadgets, Computers and Internet . Do share your views about the interview .

Praveen Sivaraman

Q1. We all know about you, formally give us a short introduction about you?

Hey this is Praveen, Founder and Chief Editor of Techperk. I am an ordinary guy with an Engineering degree in Computer Science and trying to apply what I learned (?!) in a software firm. I am a Computer Engineer by Profession and a Blogger by Passion, hope to change the order soon.

Q2. What are Your Views about blogging?

Blogging was once a hobby for all but now it is turning out to be a profession for many. It is nice to see many are turning out to be professional bloggers which clearly shows that blogging is getting healthy. It is really happy to see many young bloggers emerging out which is good as well.

Blogging is something which helps someone to express his views/thoughts/shares to others through a web log or a blog. I would call Blogging as teaching as well, as every blogger is a teacher to the other.

Q3. When and how did you decide to start your blogging career?

Mine is an interesting one actually and I never knew that Blogging will get into my nerves in the future. I started Blogging with a blogger blog way back in the early 2008 but still I wonder why and how I started it, lol. (I still have that blog in my account). It was a Blog which has only two posts about the Job openings in 2008. Then I was fully into Freelancing Works like SEO, Content Writing and as a Virtual Advisor until I started Techperk with my own money in September 2009. Then again a break came in the next month after which I resumed seriously before 3 months.

Techperk has grown big in the recent 3 months and it will grow more soon. My blogging career got 2 breaks initially but definitely it will not have another one. So it is quite hard to say the exact amount of months I am into Blogging but I am into the Internet field from 2008.

Q4. Which is your favorite blog and why?

I always read Engadget as these guys initiate things fresh and first which is really awesome. I also read problogger to fuel myself.

Q5. Any bloggers who inspires you?

If you ask the inspiration in the early stage then I would say no one as I got my idea from a Doctor. He is Dr. Kadhir who was doing blogging out of his passion, he was the one who advised me to start a self hosted blog and that is how Techperk emerged. He helped and inspired me a lot in the early days. I have also got another friend of mine from India who is not really known in the Blogosphere but he makes millions and millions of dollars an year. He was also a kind of inspiration and help at my early stages.

Now I inspire whenever I see Amit Bhawani stats, he is just amazing. I will always get advices from him as he is in my contact list, such a nice person to ask a help.

Q6. You started blogging when you were a student, so how you mange things at that time?

Though I started Blogging when I did my Engineering I was not fully into it. I used to read a lot about blogging when I did my undergraduate degree. So it was not a big deal to manage things and one more thing is that I am not that good at studies.

Q7. currently you are doing job and blogging, so what job do you do and how you mange things?

Yes, I work for the third major software exporter in India as a Project Engineer. It is quite difficult to manage Blogging and work but still the passion towards blogging drives me ahead. I used to write in weekends, sometime late nights in the week days and schedule them. This is how I manage but thinking of introducing Guest Posting soon as I am getting many offers for it as well.

Q8. Blogging as your profession, will you go for it?

Interesting question, well to be frank you cannot make the amount of money you earn from an IT firm if you do blogging alone. So you must do other freelance services or start and manage more Blogs or indulging yourself into affiliates can help in long run. I have plans to become a pro-blogger but definitely not for the next 2 years. Time is there, it is possible to become a pr-blogger in my 40th age also. Time will answer this question.

Q9. How often do you spend time with your friends and family?

It is really difficult to spend time as it is always a busy schedule around the year but still I have the habit of spending few hours daily with my mother and also father at times which helps me to get fresh. I always spend time with my friends in the week ends when I am home. We used to hang out to places and theatres on Sundays and this helps me a lot to get out of all the pressure. I have also got lots of blogger friends who keeps me engaged when I am online.

Q10. What is your monthly revenue from your blogging activities?

I have never disclosed this with anyone so far but definitely I am making some decent amount of money. I used to do freelance services which helped me to make very good money in the past but there is no time to focus on all those at this moment.

Q11. What is your main motive behind blogging, money or something else?

To be frank I started Blogging to make some money but it slowly turned into passion. If you ask me now then I would say it is a mixture of both with more weight to Passion. I only added ads and stuffs recently in Techperk, you cannot find any paid advertisements links/banners or posts still there.

Q12. How do you feel to achieve something which other people can not at this age?

It is always good to do something which gets appreciation from others but you should not take all those to your head. I am getting lots of comments from friends, fellow bloggers, readers and visitors but I will be really careful in taking those. I always make sure that those are not giving me any kind of attitude. These kinds of energies always makes us move forward and motivate us, it has also given me the fear to do good in future. I have never missed to say thanks to those who say negative comments and discouraging words because it gives me lot more energy. So traveling in the path I know without caring all those.

Q13. What do you think about

I am a regular reader of your blog as there are always some useful tubs to swim and learn. Keep up the good work. I wish success should always hang on you.

Q14. Some tips that you would like to share with our readers?

I am glad to share few things with your readers as I think they are loyal readers. If you are new to blogging or just started with your blog then here are my shares,

  1. Please do not expect overnight success which is never possible
  2. Do not expect Millions of $$ the next day you start your blog
  3. Be serious about blogging if you want to taste the success
  4. Do share only fresh and good contents
  5. Have the passion in what you are doing

Thanks for this wonderful Interview. I wish the very success to all the readers of this wonderful blog

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Akshay is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to write about Technology and Gadgets. He is very passionate about blogging and has been blogging since 2009. You can follow him on twitter @akshayable.

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  2. Praveen says:

    Thanks for this beautiful interview Akshay

  3. Sachin says:

    very nice interview…. It will encourage many blogger.. keep it up..

  4. vaira says:

    I know u always smart, if some one ask you the question..

  5. Ankit says:

    @Akshay: Have same questions for all? ๐Ÿ˜›

  6. Nice interview Akshay. And Praveen, hats off to your success so far and my hearty wishes for more in the years to come. I agree all that you say about blogging passion. I think it is the only fuel (and not money) that will keep bloggers blogging.


  7. Praveen says:

    Hi Jane

    Thanks yaar

  8. Rohit Batra says:

    Nice and Encouraging Interview….:)

  9. shekhar rathor says:

    Praveen…nice interview..keep going

  10. Prashanth Ayyavu says:

    Hi all,

    I am happy to share my views about the fellow interviewed. Praveen is my classmate. He used to make fun of everyone in our class, but it was a real fun. I am seeing a dynamic but significant change in his blogging methodologies nowadays. I like some of his articles very much. Usually,I dont want to appreciate him, instead I want him to do more and more stuff in the future and reach paramount heights. By this pace, one day , he will be doing something great. I am sure. I wish all success for Sundar.

  11. Bala says:

    It is great sharing of your thoughts, ideas and views of blogging experience.
    Keep rocking… All the best yaar…

  12. Atulperx says:

    Well Last question he replied is very nice . I am blogging from last 4+ years and mostly I create blogs , rank them and than sell them on fli[ppa for good profits . But in these 4 years I have seen lots of bloggers joining this rat race and went off after few months .

    Reason ?

    I think the blogs they made were very good and going fine but they joined blogging to make money in fast time , which was a wrong thinking and after 4 to 6 months when they didn’t made a penny or few buck than bang . Most of them vanished and now appear on weekends on my chat list . Few of them doing job or started business .

    Tip from my side – If you are planning to make money from blogging than join it as a part time and keep doing it still you don’t find any stable income from it . Don’t just start doing blogging because it can take 6 to 10 months atleast to get living for you .

  13. A very nice interview. I liked his story. Hope that my blogs too achieve success in coming days ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. Thanks for the wishes Akshay.

  15. ganesh kumar says:

    Very nice interview , and some interesting replies….

  16. Fayaz Ahmad says:

    I always read your and other’s blog to learn more about blogging . And I read the interviews severals times . I have a question to you that how you are connecting to these blogger and take their interviews

  17. Amrish SIngh says:

    Interviews always helps newbies . It teaches more that other things . Thanks for sharing good thought about blogging withe US Akshay

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