Improve Page Loading Speed Using Free CDN From SpeedyMirror

If your website loading time is too much visitors will prefer to visit other sites. No one will wait for more than a few seconds to let you site load. If you site takes too much time in loading the visitor will simply close the site. So having lesser loading time is preferred by Site or blog owners. One of best way to reduce loading time is by using a CDN. CDN refers to Content Delivery Network w provides distributed cluster for your content. It keeps copy of your static files like images,css files etc stored at various geographical locations in the world to provide fast access to the data for users at different locations. Speedy Mirror is one of the best free CDN available which offers 50Gb of Free bandwidth transfer. So in my opinion you should give it a try and if you like it you can purchase additional bandwidth after 50Gb is over.

Setup Speedy Mirror

Step 1 : First most requirement for setting up speedy mirror is having a cache plugin which can Integrate your Blog with Speedy mirror. We Recommend W3 Total Cache plugin for this work as it is one of the best cache plugin. You can download W3 Total cache plugin From here.

Step 2 : Once you have downloaded and installed W3 total cache plugin, its time to setup Speedy Mirror CDN. Visit Speedy Mirror and create an account.

speedy mirror cdn

Step 3 : Verify you email and login into your Speedy Mirror Account. Once you login in to your speedy mirror account click on Mirrors option. Now choose a Mirror Name and enter your existing domain URL. For example we chose mirror name as screamable and Entered our Domain you have entered the detail click on Detect and save button.

setting up speedy mirror

Step 4 : After saving you newly created mirror you will be provided with a link like You can either use this Link or create an Sub-domain of your site like For using your own sub-domain you need to create a CNAME record . For example if you want to use then create a CNAME record which points to speedy mirror sub-domain(like

Step 5 : Now you need to configure W3 total cache to use Speedy Mirror CDN. Open general settings tab of W3 total Cache and in Content Delivery sub section Enable CDN and select mirror in CDN type.

cdn in w3 total cache

Step 6 : Now click on Content Delivery Network Link in the configuration menu. Now in general Tab enable Host Attachments, Host wp-includes/ files, Host theme files and Host custom files.

host attachments

Step 7 : Now in configuration Tab set SSL Support to Auto and Replace site’s host name with your link like (in case you are using your own sub-domain use url like created in Step 3 ). Now click on add CNAME and then click test Mirror option, if you get result as test passed then everything is fine and click save all settings.

test passed in speedymirror

Now you have successfully configured and setup Speedy Mirror CDN for your Blog. For any problems or queries drop your comments below and ill try my best to solve them.

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Akshay is a Tech Enthusiast who loves to write about Technology and Gadgets. He is very passionate about blogging and has been blogging since 2009. You can follow him on twitter @akshayable.

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  1. Robin says:

    Your blog itself loads superfast. Can you come with an article revealing that secret ??


  2. Amaan says:

    Liked it…Quite usefull for many website…..

    A suggestion:Provide COmment Luv widget for Commenting system….comments on ur site will increase

  3. Really a nice article.. i implement this one and getting results from it..
    thanks akshay

  4. TechGopal says:

    really nice well explained tutorial but i prefer cloudflare which is also good one…..

  5. Lagalag says:

    Would this also work on blogspot blog like mine? As you can see I don’t my own domain. Thanks for your reply.

  6. jen says:

    Just a quick question, how long does the CDN take to update its cached servers with new content? lets say I change a static image on my site will the CDN servers update right away in mirror mode?

  7. Nice Post… But Can you Tell Me How can i make my website load more fast… as like your website

  8. anuj@SEOTIPS says:

    just now tried it on my blog.It seems good, but the image url structure seems to be changing to speedy mirror.Generally other cdn will have cdn.domain but speedy mirror has domain

  9. Jon says:

    Akshay, I’ve been trying out speedymirror for a few weeks but still get some periods when my website loads really slow or stalls (even though other websites load fine at the same time in other tabs), does this happen to everyone? Or is it my host (hostgator)?

  10. Ayush Gupta says:

    Thanks Akki. I was having hard time configuring this 🙂

  11. Leonardo says:

    hi Speedy Mirror site is down. do you have any other tips om free CDN ? i have looked at Cloudflare but my hosting company is having problem whit it so i am lokking for other services that can help speedingup my site

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