How To Use Proxy In Mozilla Firefox ?

This tutorial is made especially for those who feel that their network is not secure or can be taken over or hacked by somebody over the internet. Solution to this problem is by remaining anonymous over the net. You can hide your information on net bu using proxy. A proxy allows you to load the websites from different ip address that is dynamic in nature so that your real ip address is not revealed to outside world.

I will be demonstrating the use of HTTP Proxy Settings for Mozilla Firefox which is one of the most used web browser:

1. The first step in this sequence is to have an account with the proxy server providers. There is a plethora of them which you can find by searching in Google. There are lots of paid as well as free servers available.We will be using Sign Up With them and create an account.After registering with them you will receive a username and password that we will use later on.

2. You will be prompted for the username and password. After the authentication, you will be redirected to your home page.

3. You will be prompted by a list of all the available servers along with their ip addresses and ports. Just select any one of them and also note down its ip address and port number.For Example: IP: and Port: 38130.

4. Open the firefox and from the menu bar select Tools and then select Options.
5. From the General tab, select the Connection Settings button.

6. From the page showing various modes of connections, select the manual proxy settings/configurations.
Connection Settings

7. Now enter the ip address and port number that you noted down in step.

8. Select the checkbox below the HTTP Proxy textfeild named asĀ  Use this proxy for all protocols.
9. Now restart the Firefox and then you will be prompted for the username and password that you entered during the sign up of proxy server site.

After entering the details you can surf the web anonymously and can hide your real details from the world.

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  1. Pankaj Gupta says:

    Great Post Aditya. What is the real use of using proxy in firefox?

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