How To Take Care of Your Facebook And Twitter Accounts

Facebook and Twitter has become an integral part of our lives. We express our joys and sorrows and all other feelings on these networking sites. The social networking is based on the sharing of information and views freely among the similar minded individuals. But this has given rise to threats like phishing and social engineering. Here we give you some tips to protect you from getting caught in such threats.


1. Think before you share: Always give a thought on what you are sharing with the world. What you share now, will be “pulled” up in the future.

2. Differentiate between your friends and enemies: When you tweet or post something, then you should be clear about the audience for which your message is intended for. Many people often forget that their bosses are also a part of their network. This has earned as new phrase: Facebook Fired. Using Facebook or Twitter during the office hours can have dire consequences.

3. Beware of Third Party applications: The third party applications that are claimed to be designed for the social networking sites, often collect your private information and other credentials. This gives rise to social engineering attacks.

4. Don’t Get Fooled by TinyURL: TinyURL and other URL shorteners have emerged as a result of the growth of social media. These shorteners provide a compact url that can be easily emailed or posted in blogs. The attacker might exploit these services to attract users to malicious web pages. The user may not be able to differentiate between the original or fake pages because the Url Shortener uses a random collection of characters to redirect you to the desired pages.

5. Define the parameters and extents of your privacy: Privacy has been one of the major concerns of the social networking. You may want to select a group of people that you don’t want to share some of your information. Facebook provides the third party access controls to help control your privacy and customize the information that will be available to third party applications.

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  1. Great tips Akshay, I think it is really important to take care of what you post on these social networking sites because they often store all our data which can lead to further problem in the future

  2. Great posts. Clear, concise, and fun. Considering twitter only allows you to use 140 characters to share to the world, what are your thoughts about using tinyurls to disseminate information to your followers?

  3. 1. I think sometime before I share
    2. I am not working under some1, so issue of that
    3. I hardly use any 3rd party apps, but I see my friends use it many apps (useless apps)
    4. I click on URL only when I know from where it is coming is secure or not
    5. My Privacy settings is very bad need to change but very lazy to do 😛

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  5. Anubhab says:

    Its really a great and useful post Akshay. Forgot it can be pulled up later…Keep coming.

  6. Usman says:

    I agree Online Safety is on our Own hands. We need not to follow any fake links that persuade a user towards anything like earn money online. Majority of these links are fake

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