How To Start Using Facebook Video Calling

Facebook has announced Video Calling and group chat. This means now you can do video chat with your friends on facebook. Video Calling will be available to everyone within the next few weeks. If you don’t want to wait you can get it now.

To start video calling now, visit   Video calling on Facebook and click Get Started.

video calling on facebook

Once you click get started facebook will ask you to install a samm application which will allow you to have video chat with your Friends. Don’t worry it is similar to gtlak plugin for browser to enable video and voice chat within the browser itself. Once you have installed the application you will get an alert asking which friend do you want to call first.

video call with friends on facebook

Simply click on the friend’s name with whom you wan to have a video call. Now once you click on his name you can notice a video button at the top of the chat window. When using for the first time you will get an alert from facebook saying Give Your friend a call. Click on video button.

If your friend have installed the plugin already you both will be connected and can have a video chat. If your friend do not have the plugin installed he will be prompted to install the plugin after which you can do a video chat.

Now video call we be connected to your friend and once connected you can enjoy the video chat. For any problems or queries feel free to drop a comment below.

viceo call facebook

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  1. Dhruv Patel says:

    how to get it working with ubuntu? :/

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  3. hemant says:

    there is not available video icon at the top of my chat window so what i do for video callig …..?
    help me?

  4. Robin says:

    Suresh Peters 😛 Adsense King on screen. 😀 Nice tutorial between. Cheers.


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  6. Michelle says:

    Hi, just wondering how to get facebook to recognise my camera? it’s a CyberLink WebCam Virtual Driver. Current updates for camera are installed and details say device is working properly. is it something to do with adobe flash? I have allowed this, but still won’t recognise for web cam or photos?
    Help would be awesome!

    • Akshay says:

      try reinstalling webcam drivers.. if this doesnot work check webcam if other application like skype and if its working then maybe facebook is not able to detect ur webcam model

      • Michelle says:

        thks heaps akshay, i’ve just tried that, even figured out how to turn my camera on (FN+F9 on akoya medion windows 7) but all i’m getting is the cyberlink youcam logo (fb and skype?)?

  7. maria says:

    I want to download the app but its not letting me download its telling theres is an error on the page what can i do to download this program or what other program can i download to do a web chat????
    thank you

  8. vince says:

    do i still need to open cyberlink youcam to be able to use the fb video call?

  9. kinder says:

    when i use video call to my frz click on video icon but it show to install facebook video plugin . when i install it then click on video icon it again show install video plugin . plzzz help me . rply ur anwer my email -ks,

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