How to Set up CloudFlare with WordPress – Step by Step Guide

These days nearly all bloggers keep trying to improve the loading time of their blog in order to provide a better user experience. You can read about how to setup speedymirror cdn which is one of the best free cdn available for improving the page loading time. You can also read about optimizing wordpress blog’s speed. I have been hearing a lot of good things about the Content Delivery Networks (CDN) and especially, CloudFlare CDN. Today we would be telling you in detail how to setup Cloudflare cdn with your wordpress blog to improve the loading time of you blog.

Here is a complete step by step tutorial for setting up CloudFlare CDN with your WordPress blog.

a. First and foremost is the setting up of the account with the CloudFlare Network. All you have to do is to visit here. And opt for the free plan or paid one according to your needs. The entire installation is expected to take about 15 to 20 minutes. There are three types of plans which are offered by the company, since we are just demonstrating the whole process, we would be opting for the FREE plan.

 b. Next step is similar to any signup that you might have done on the internet. You have to enter your email address, choose a username and password.

 c. Once you have done this, you would be asked to enter the address i.e URL of the website/blog.

 d. In the next step, the CloudFlare would scan for your DNS records and would store a copy of it with their infrastructure. While the scanning is in progress, you would be shown a small video that will demonstrate the working of CloudFlare.

e. Once the scan is complete, click on Continue button to go to the next step.

 f. The CloudFlare, as said above would copy all the details of your DNS in a DNS Zone File. In case any information is missing then you can easily add it at the end of the page. Once you are satisfied with the information on the page then click on the “I’m done Checking DNS Records, Continue” option.

 g. Next step asks you for the plan that you wish to subscribe for. I have selected the options which are shown in the screen shot given below.

h. The final step would prompt you to update your name server to the name servers which are specified by the CloudFlare. This change involves changing the name servers at your domain name registrar.

 i. If you have changed your name servers successfully then you would be greeted by a final screen where you would be shown the details of your installation.

 j. Now you need to configure your wordPress blog with CloudFlare. So install the CloudFlare WordPress plugin on your WordPress installation. Once you have installed and activated the plugin you would get a option cloudflare under plugins tab where you would be asked to enter the API key and the email Id with which you have registered with the CloudFlare. The API Key and API Email can be found on the Account tab on the CloudFlare website. Enter these details to get the following screen.

cloudflare key verifiedk. On my blog, I have also installed the W3 Total Cache Plugin as well as Google Page Speed API that monitor my pages and other stuff. Before installing the CloudFlare CDN, my score is reported as 82 out of 100 which is not bad at all.

After I have installed the Cloudflare, and configured it in the W3 Total Cache Plugin, my page speed is reported as 85/100 which means the improvement of 3 points.

This is all you need to install and setup CloudFlare with your WordPress installation. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Do let us know your response by dropping a comment below.

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