How To Save Files Directly In Your Dropbox Account

Cloud computing is the latest tech trend these days . So today i will tell how to  send files directly to cloud storage sites like dropbox. All you need is to make  an account on dropbox. The website offers 2Gb free storage facility. You can purchase more space if you want.

First of all you need google chrome browser and then download Google chrome extension CLOUDSAVE  from the Google web store and install it. It helps you store the files directly to the cloud storage.

Now all the pre-requirements to use cloud storage are over. Lets start saving files on cloud. Now to save files just Right Click on the image or link and a new menu item CLOUD SAVE will appear.  Go to that menu and select dropbox. This will send the file to the cloud storage (here dropbox). Send any type of file you want to send.

The following images show the progress of sending the file to dropbox.

Now I will show you how to send a mp3 file directly from a website to the cloud (dropbox). You can directly download the files on the cloud from internet. For example, go to any website which allows downloading files. Right click on the link and select CLOUD SAVE -> dropbox. This will send the file directly to the dropbox. No need to download the file on your computer. The following images depict the steps to download mp3 file to the cloud.

The file downloading is in progress.

You can see the Contents on the cloud by visiting to your dropbox account. Many features such as rename, copy to, delete the file are also available.

Since the files are now stored in your dropbox account, you can access them any time and anywhere with the help of internet .

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