How To Run Java Apps and Games on Your Android SmartPhone

All Android users who migrated from Symbian phones always miss their favorite Java and J2ME applications. However, there is a possibility to run the Java application, if you are using Android 1.5 to 2.3. If you want to use Java applications and enjoy Java games on your Android, you can download and install JBED Android Java Emulator. According to XDA developers, you can run any Java games or applications on Android using the JBED. You can download the application free from the given link. JBED is already tested on HTC Wildfire and it is obvious that it will work on other Android devices as well.

JBED is an .apk application that allows you to run .jar and .jad games and application on your Smartphone. You can easily download and install it on your Smartphone to run any Java applications. Andriod phones can be installed with more then 40, 000 Java games and applications using JBED. The application also comes with Android J2ME MIDP runner. In the following steps, I will tell you how to run Java and J2ME applications on your Android phone. Now, you do not have to forget or leave your Java applications that you were using from a long time.

Installation steps:

A. Download JBED for your Android Mobile running on Gingerbread from here.

B. Simply install the Jbed.apk file on your android smartphone.

C. Launch the application and click on SD card from the menu.

D. Choose the JAR file that you want to install and run.

E. Install the Java apps that you want to use.

F. Click on the Java apps that you have installed to run them.

In case the application don’t work you can try downloading JBED.Zip and flash the zip file using CWM or ClockWorkMod.

The app compiles and optimizes the Jar files and asks the user whether he wants to use it or not. It also displays the path of all the Jar files that are compiles in its database for quick access. You can install and run any Java applications following the above steps. If you see some lines or faded screen while installing the JAR files, that means your device is not fully supporting it. Restart your phone and close any other apps, and try again. If the same problem occurs again then please uninstall JBED.


As said earlier, the app enables the Android Smartphone to run many Java games and applications but you can expect some graphical and performance related issues. If the app does not work on your android smartphone you can try rooting your device and reinstalling the app.

Problems ?

If you face any issues or problems with JBED you can post your doubts or suggestions on XDA Forum.

Update : It seems that the app is not working on many android smartphones, we are trying to find an alternative way to run java apps on your android smartphone. We would post about it here as soon as possible.

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  1. hamed says:

    how can I install java on my xperia mini pro.

  2. Johanna says:

    I have installed it and done all the things sugested but all it says is compiling and nothing ever happens. How long does this compiling take? My phone is Sony Ericsson Xperia mini. What am I doing wrong? Any advise is welcome, Thanx

  3. zahra says:

    how i can move to /system/lib and restart your phone???

    • Akshay says:

      you can use Root explorer application to get access to android file system and then copy the required files.

    • CLD says:

      You could use a Terminal session on your device and use root privileges and remount your /system partition.

      Determine where your /system is partitioned by entering “mount”, then from the list, should emerge the mount point and filesystem.

      Using that information, enter “mount -o remount,ro -t /system”.

      Or you could try your luck at any of the root file explorers that have this capability.

  4. joanne says:

    how can i move to system/lib? is that mobile system/lib? i can’t find. !_!

  5. gaurav says:

    its says maybe no SD card Or SD card Busy ?
    whats is this

  6. Hector says:

    “Unzip the file and you will see Jbed.apk and”

    I doesn’t download a RAR or ZIP file. So where can i find the

    In the link “HERE”, it opens another page where u find this links below:

    Download Jbed For Android 2.2
    Download Jbed For Android 2.1
    Download Jbed For Android 1.6
    Download Jbed For Android 1.5

    But the file is APK… it’s the app… but where’s the .SO??? ’cause i can’t install the app…

    • Akshay says:

      have updated the tutorial and the download link.

      • Hector says:

        I have a samsung galaxy europe gt-i5500 with android 2.1-Update 1… kernel 2.6.29-perf

        I downloaded the “Jbed For Android 2.1”. I run the app, it start to “install” but then it says “The application is not installed”. Then I downloaded the “Jbed For Android 1.6” just in case… and it says the same!!… Help Please!!


      • Hector says:

        Ok. Now it says “”Analysis ERROR: There’s been a problem analysing the package” (Sorry my bad english)

        What could be the problem???

        • Akshay says:

          Have updated the download link for android smartphone running on gingerbread. Please check your version of the android. Also try downloading the file from updated link

  7. Chirag says:

    On clicking jbed,phone shows ”There is a problem parsing this package”.I’m using Dell XCD 35, Android 2.2.Please solve my problem.

  8. kashyap says:

    i installed jbed but can’t able to run it with my HTC explorer. it stops working and asked for forced stop.!!

    • Akshay says:

      try reinstalling the application, the jbed application has some issues and does not work on all android smartphones

      • Sooraj Rao says:

        tried reinstalling but still shows force close option…
        does my fone needs 2 b rooted for this purpose….???
        if so how can I root my htc explorer with v2.3.5…??

  9. arslan says:

    I install jbed on my HTC inspire 4g. And I have a force close option.

    • Akshay says:

      according to the app developer, mohammadN from xda developers it worked fine on htc wildfire and other devices. So it should work well on your device as well. Try reinstalling the app and do check that you have ginger bread android version

  10. skullking says:

    It says sd card not found or sd card busy
    I dont know what to do

  11. skullking says:

    I did and it still says the same thing

  12. arianne says:

    Hi i just download the java from the link you’ve given the
    installation was sucessful but after that i try to open the java
    pop up shows and say “the appilication has stop..( something like
    And) theres a button says “force close”
    I am using galaxy ace . Hoping for your reply :)) thanks

  13. rahul says:

    Hi i have htc explore with android 2.3.5. I have done each and every thing to install nd run the jbed but always it is force closing i have moved the .so file too but still the pro is same . Sir pls help

  14. andini says:

    hi, i just installed jbed android and it works but when i want to launch the application, jbed says failed to initialize the midlet.. what should i do?

  15. shoumeek says:

    this application is working only in landscape mood on my samsung galaxy y…..Doesn’t it work in protait mood???

  16. My experience of sending jar file from nokia(symb. belle) to lg(android):
    First removed the file extension and sent the file. Then downloaded file browser on android to find it and add extension as jar again (had to download again because the first one could not rename). Then finally use this tut to play them.

  17. nilesh says:

    it says:
    the application java(process has stopped unexpectedly.
    what is it?

    • Akshay says:

      application is not being supported by your phone

      • karan says:

        i download file and with the help of recovery mode i apply the file after reboot java was install after installing the java my android mobile was not work properly so i want to delete java what can i do?or which file i download to delete java ?please help me

  18. nilesh says:

    i have only a force close option..
    my mobile is samsung galaxy y..

  19. Ashish Nand says:

    i have a zte racer.the app installs well but when i launch an app it say “Failed to initialize the MIDlet”.why is this happening? ive tried more than 10 java games

  20. Akshay says:

    applicaiton seems to work on a limited number of smartphones

  21. whenever i try to open any file it says maybe no sd card or sd card is busy problem help me

  22. Nemichand says:

    I have Samsung Gallexy Ace Mobile having Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread. I had used Java emulator 2.2 in my cel it got installed and was showing java files installed. But problem happening while starting these java installed apps. It showing the error like this “May be no SD card is or SD card is busy, Please check it.” Anyone can please help me out for this.

    Please reply asap.

    • Akshay says:

      Looks like a strange problem. Please ask this query to the developer of the app. We have given the link to official forum thread at the end of the post.

  23. Nedvid123 says:

    I downloaded the Jbed, but when I install it, it says “Application not installed.” What should I do? I and what about this .so file and /system/lib ?
    Please help. Thank you, Gracias. Buenos días.

  24. Ned Vidper says:

    P.S. I have a SonyEricsson XPERIA mini pro.

  25. saumitra says:

    i am using galaxy ace duos s-6802,and its android 2.3
    i am facing the same problem of “force close”,please give me an update for solving this problem
    i even re-installed it but the same problem is persisting.

  26. Gaurav Soni says:

    Dear Akshay, I have Tab 2, with android Icecream sandwitch, on installing jbed, it says java is stopped unexpectedly. I think tab is not supporting this can u suggest some thing that works for me?

  27. aman says:

    which types.Java game run in this apk, touch type Java game or simple. Java game…

  28. jerome says:

    i have the same problem,all my jar file games won’t run, it always say’s “failed to initialize midlet” what should i do?

  29. ron says:

    I am using LG optimus p350 ME. I get the force close issue on my phone. Please advise. I have rooted my phone and am running an unofficial CM7.2 nightly. OS is Froyo.

  30. bayarbileg batbileg says:

    Im using nexus gt i9250 and when i install java then hit open then it says that java has stopped working ??! What is the problem??

  31. jan says:

    i have already installed jbed but everytime i try to run it in my xperia x8 it keeps saying this “The application java( has stopped unexpectedly.please try again.

  32. satish says:

    it says that force close or wait

  33. satish says:

    the app. java has stoppes unexpectedly..plz help me..??

    • Akshay says:

      we already mentioned above that it seems that app is working on selected devices. We already provided the link to xda thread where you can ask about your problems.

  34. Atul says:

    I have Android 2.3.6
    when i tried to launch Java app…it says
    “May be no SD card is or SD card isbusy, Please check it.”
    I did and it still says the same thing.
    Solve it

  35. iyanah says:

    help plssss…it saids “Unfortunately, Java J2ME Runner has stopped.” i have the J2ME java-j2me-runner-v2.0.3.7.apk and i’m using samsung galaxy note 2 now..which is 4.0 jelly bean i think.. :S

  36. Rooney says:

    I have installed as instructed. but, it always force close. I am using Xperia Mini, version 4.0.4 does this means my phone doesn’t support the file?

  37. sina says:

    Hi dear Akshay please help me I have android 2.3.4 it says no sd card or busy please any help would be appreciated waiting for the suggestion.

  38. jai says:

    I m using alcatel OT918N. and I m not abel to copy my any file to the system file by using root explore.
    what can I do?

  39. Denis says:

    Doesn’t work, the app stops on galaxy ace plus

  40. adeyemi says:

    i jst downloaded the jbed….now am trying to install it but is tell parsin problem that app can be install….pls reply, i really need jar files on my samsung galaxy y pro…..thanks

  41. Sky says:

    Hi am making use of samsung galaxy s. I ve done the downloading and installation but it’s not working on my phone. Help

  42. john herbert says:

    how to install java if my phone is not android?

  43. Shubhankar says:

    I’m using HTC One SV. It recently updated to Android 4.1.2. Any chance in hell that I can install this JBED thingy in my phone?? Please reply ASAP.

  44. Shubhankar says:

    And I’m not really interested in Java games. But I wanna read eBooks which run on Java. I was initially able to do it in my Nokia X3-02 (Symbian) and then my HTC Snap (Windows 6). But I’m unable to open Java eBooks in my HTC One SV (Android 4.1.2.), and neither was I able to find any app on the GooglePlay Android app store that could open the Java eBooks. Please help ASAP.

  45. santhosh says:

    The jbed not work plz.. give another trick

  46. khan says:

    i have samsung glaxy s III , wshen i want to enter a chat room it says your phone is not java supported. so how do i install this application and access to these chat room from my mobile phone.

  47. manish says:

    sir,i am using galaxy star can java apps run on my phone

  48. Ali Hassan says:

    sir.I downloaded the file on my Samsung galaxy pocket .it was installed successfully ,but whenever I try to load the games my phone starts crashing
    what can I do
    plz help ;I really want to play java games on my phone

  49. Reward Moyo says:

    i tried using the app on my samsung galaxy y and y pro, even tried on some chines phone running gingerbread. this is a useless app. we need something that wrks.

  50. oladapo says:

    j2me app runner does nit work on my galaxy star please i neefd help

  51. yogesh says:

    i have gingerbread but there in it can’t work any java game. ii have java emulator

  52. dj88 says:

    where is lib file??
    .so file
    downloading link plzz

  53. dj88 says:

    download link to .SO file plz

  54. Akash says:

    hi in my galaxy y it not working all time it said force close what can i do plz help me 🙁

  55. akshay says:

    hi dude i am install jbed it show me no work and stop my android is 2.3 samsung plesae help me i am relly like java games

  56. manish says:

    I have a website in asp .net . now i have to develop android apps using java. So How can i integrate .

  57. AMEER says:

    hello, dear friend i did all but in final after installing an app it just says please wait… and keeps loading but app doesnt start and gets back to app without any effect/opening the app i installed in it.. i am using htc wildfire bee…!!! kindly help me with your due kindness!! thank you!

  58. ravi says:

    hi i m using lenovo p780 not working on my phone
    my adnroid v. 4.2.1 plz help me i want run .jar file in my phone

  59. vamshi chiluka says:

    Brother ihave a sgy gts 5360phone iam installed the jbed and open the file this app says force close i already retrying but that says force close. What i do?

  60. promise Johnson says:

    maybe no sd card or busy

  61. hello says:


    I have installed the jbed gingerbread file. my phone is the Sony xperia lti18 it is called the java app on my phone. but everytime I try to click on java it says the app has stopped working. please help..

    thank you

  62. Anuj rana says:

    guys..ive installed jbed ….nd wen i open it…then i see a fldr named sd card…i open it nd it says empty….wen i select sdcard frm options,it will tke loading for long long time nd nvr stps…wat shld i do..??? ,

  63. Saint says:

    Does Jbed support Java Swing/AWT? Or just J2ME packs

  64. mastura says:

    Hi..I want to download success in the city games in my asus FonePad 2.but I can’t run the data??what should I do?

  65. amey says:

    My phone is galaxy y
    I install dis app bt it shows

    The application java(
    Has Stop enxpectedly

  66. amey says:

    My phone is galaxy y
    I install dis app bt it shows

    The application java(
    Has Stopped enxpectedly .
    Please try again

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