How To Make Your WordPress Blog More Interactive

Visitors love reading a good blog, but it is equally important that they are able to speak back and share their input. When visitors feel like the blog isn’t just speaking to them, but instead is communicating with them, they will feel more engaged and invested, and they will be more likely to keep coming back to the blog. WordPress Templates come with built-in comments features that allow some interactivity, but the native comments field can be spruced up and supplemented with a number of cool plug-ins that will make your blog more interesting for visitors. With these plug-ins, you can turn a standard blog into a real, vibrant community, in which readers aren’t just readers, but actually become participants and contributors.

How to make blog more interactive

cForms II

cForms, or contact forms, are the best way to solicit user feedback or contact outside of the comments field. Because face it, not everything your users tell you needs to be made public in the comments. So rather than using comments sections as a catch-alls for any communications visitors might have, add a customized contact form that lets them send their input privately. With cForms, these contact fields can be altered to include as many fields as you want, of any size you like, plus other helpful featured like Captchas. And with cForms, all this is done with only a few clicks. No time consuming scripting necessary, just choose the options you want in your form and publish it. You can download the plugin from here.

Subscribe To Comments

When readers care enough about your blog to comment, they’ll care enough to come back and see what you (or other readers) have to say in response to their comments. Subscribe To Comments spares them the trouble of checking back every hour to see if any new responses have been posted, and it sends them a short reminder in the event that they forget. With the subscribe feature activated, users can have full-fledged debates and discussions in your comments section, and that provides you with free, effortless content that other visitors will love reading. You can download the plugin from here.

WordPress Related Posts

Once users are finished reading one page, don’t let them leave your blog! Instead, give them a selection of similar content that they are likely to be interested in, and direct them to read it, also. With this plug-in, readers will see a list of stories and comments similar to what they have already read. And the plug-in is built to track visitors as they move across your site using a third party service, so it develops a profile of their tastes and only shows them the content they’ll really be interested in. You can download the plugin from here.


Solicit your visitors’ input with this plug-in, which allows bloggers to build complex, interesting polls on their blogs, and then displays the results in a wide variety of formats. WP-Polls offers outstanding flexibility. Bloggers can keep results private, change the graph style used to display results, generate several different types of questions and input fields, and then save the information gathered for use at a later date. Download WP-Polls from here.

Really Simple Twitter Feed Widget

Even more than WordPress itself, Twitter is an ideal platform for bloggers to interact with their fans and followers. With this plug-in, bloggers can display their Twitter badge and their most recent tweets on their WordPress blog, which can hook blog readers and turn them into Twitter followers, as well. Plus, this plug-in offers great customizability. Bloggers don’t have to worry about the widget clashing with their design or being too big to fit within their sidebar. It fits comfortably on any blog, and lets any blogger become a crossover hit on WordPress and Twitter. Download the plugin from here.

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