How To Integrate The +1 Google Button To Your Webpage

Google plus one button has been one of the most anticipated options that will help you to tell your colleagues and friends what kind of pages are the ones that you did like the most. But how will you make this button work for you? Here is the solution for learning how to integrate Google plus one button to your web and blog pages!


What is the role and use of this button?

The role of this button is to let your friends and contacts know that you have read a page and express your liking for that page and you will also refer that page. Until now, this is possible to show and share with your contacts the pages and links you like by using social networking sites like Facebook and others. Even now, these networking sites are impossible to be defeated, and this button comes handy when you are looking for similar information and also your friends find them handy to know the pages that you have found them to be useful. This is an indirect tool that recommends pages and links to your friends and contacts.

How this works?

Simply putting in front of you on the working mechanism of this tool is that all you need to do is to click the plus one button, which usually is placed in the right side of your search results for the pages you find useful, and when your friends find a similar search you will find that they will be out their finding your preferred pages, which is turn will reduce their surfing time. This is very useful in increasing your search engine ranking of your web pages as well.

How to integrate the +1 Google button to your webpage?

There is one default code to add this button from your +1 webmaster page, and all you need is to add this HTML/javascript into your page. The code is as follows:

<script type=“text/javascript” src=></script><g:plusone></g:plusone>

There is nothing tricky about this code and is straight forward that you need not bother about the code, if you do not understand. All you need to do is to add them pretty straightforward onto your page, or get someone to add this to your webpage at the desired location. This will then appear as a click to count page, counting the number. This is like voting for your article and is also like bookmarking your webpage – rather simply the combination of both.

There are also plugins available like Google Plus One Button and wordpress google plus one button which will make your job more easier.

If you are planning to test this tool for the first time, then sign up for the experimental search by clicking here. On signing up, click the option “join this experiment” and you will find how wonderfully this button will work for you. The inclusion of Google plus one button is one of the ingenious way to seo optimize the page, improve search ranking and is a step forward to socialize by Google.

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  1. vaibhav says:

    +1 for google’s +1 button

    i have added this to my website

  2. i think +1 button also good for seo. i have added +1 to my site..

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