How To Install Ubuntu Linux – Complete Step by Step Guide

These days many users want to try linux but are in a dilemma that whether they will be able to install linux themselves or not. Installing linux is very easy task but if you think you might not be able to install linux or it is not easy to install linux then just read the step by step guide given below and then decide yourself that installing linux is easy or not. I am going to teach how to install ubuntu linux step by step as it is one of the most famous linux os. You can download ubuntu from here. After downloading ubuntu you need to create a cd or live usb Drive. Now lets start installing ubuntu linux.

Step 1 : Insert the ubuntu cd in the cd drive and boot the computer from cd. First of all you will be prompted to select language. elect English or other language according to your preferences.

installing ubuntu linux

Step 2 : Now you will see ubuntu menu, you can choose Try ubuntu without installing option to try ubuntu without actually installing it on your hard drive. For installing ubuntu choose the second option Install Ubuntu.

install ubuntu

Step 3 : Ubuntu will start now initialize and after few minutes you can see the installation wizard.

select language

Step 4 : Click Forward and it will check the minimum requirements for running ubuntu on your PC. If everything is fine you can see green colored tick marks. You can also select to download updates while installing and install some third party software. After selecting the things you want click forward.

ubuntu requirements

Step 5 : Now you can choose either erase and use entire disk option or specify partitions manually option. You can choose the 1st option if you just want linux to exist in your system. Else select second option. Now it will display the free space available for your pc.

allocate drive space

Select free space and click on Add option to create a new partition and choose partition type as primary, size around 70% of the free space available or choose anything like 10,000 or 20,000mb, use as ext3 journaling file system and select mount point as /.

create partition in ubuntu

Now again select free space from the table and click add option. Now select size to be around 300mb, use as ext3 journaling file system and select mount point as /boot.

creat partition 2

Now again select free space from the table and click add option. Now select size to be around twice the size of your ram that is around 1000 mb if your ram size is 512mb and select use as swap area and click ok.

create swap space

allocate drive space

Step 6 : Click Install now button and then the wizard will ask you location. Select your location and click forward.

select location

Step 7 : While you are selecting these options wizard will continue to copy files. Now select your desired keyboard layout and click forward.

select keyboard layout

Step 8 : Now fill in the details about yourself. Fill your name, computer name, choose a username and create a password and click forward and let ubuntu copy all the essential files.

copying files

Step 9 : After all files have been copied and installed ubuntu will display a message saying that installation complete and click on restart button to restart your computer. Remove the cd from the cd drive.

installation complete

Step 10 : After restarting your pc wait for the ubuntu to load and then itΒ  will display the login screen. Choose the user and enter password and click login.


installation finish

Enjoy and explore ubuntu linux. If you still have any doubts or problems leave a comment below and ill try to clear your doubts.

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  1. ajeet says:

    wow..great tutorial
    good for new user to linux world…

  2. Satish says:

    This linux post must have really took your time. Very detailed information of installation πŸ™‚ Thanks man πŸ™‚ i saved it πŸ˜€

  3. Sagar Gholap says:

    Hey Akshay, that’s a very good tutorial.

    I’ve bookmarked it and this time I’m going to try the installation all over again referring your article on my laptop as I get confused while choosing the partitions and setting the file system.

    I’ll ping you if I encounter some problems while doing it again.


  4. Used Virtual Box na??
    Even I installed Ubuntu in Virtual Box but hvnt used it more thn 2-3 days..

  5. kwatog says:

    thanks for this. I wonder how you manage to take the image of it as well as the internet working during install….

    or maybe because you’re installing on virtualbox?

  6. Geek says:

    One word… Coool! great expert setup guide im gonna share on my facebook fanpage

  7. Rodrigo says:

    Man, thank you, your tutorial helped me a lot.

  8. dillydee says:

    No root file system is defined.
    trying to install from cd help!

  9. Adeyemi Cletus K says:

    thank you for this wonderful work you did, may i continue see your handwork by the grace of God well done.

  10. kanchan says:

    ohhhhhhhhh,Really its very good, i like it…………..

  11. DIANE says:


  12. M Ben says:

    You did a good job by helping others. But, your explanations bug at the first sentence in Step 1: “boot the computer from cd”. How to do this when using Windows?

    many thanks,

    • Akshay says:

      You can set the option in BIOS settings to boot from cd/dvd drive. In some computers you can also press F12 key immediately after turning your computer on to select cd/dvd drive as the option to boot the computer.

  13. Deepak Gupta says:

    Dear Akshay

    Can you give me idea how to install windows as second operating system in computer.

    I heard that virus infection is not possible in linux so u can use linux OS as Primary & Winodws as Secondary OS.

    How it is possible please give brief idea for that

    • Akshay says:

      You can dual boot linux and windows. In latest versions of ubuntu you have a option to install them inside windows only making both of them dual boot and you can access your windows partition in ubuntu as well.

      • Deepak Gupta says:

        thanks akshay

        which is the latest version of ubuntu linux.

        it means 1st, I have installed windows XP or 7. on C drive then installed Ubuntu Linus latest Version.

        Am I right.

        • Akshay says:

          ubuntu 12.04 is the latest version.
          Yes just install windows first then install ubuntu linux on it using a option install inside windows which is present in installation screen of ubuntu

          • Karthikeyan says:

            Hi Akshay,

            I already installed Win 7 in my system. Now i want to have ubuntu also installed in my system. Can i have two OS in my system, will it affect the perfomance ?
            Also if i want to install ubuntu, should i need to take backup of all my documents from other drives.. eg., D drive, E drive.. ?

            Please help me….

            My email id is


          • Karthikeyan says:

            Hi Akshay,

            Thanks for your reply….

            I dont have a Ubuntu CD or DVD… Please help me from where i can download this…

            Thanks in advance…


          • Akshay says:

   download it from there and then burn the iso to disc πŸ™‚

  14. Sabed says:

    i have ubuntu 11.10 saved on my pen drive.But i have not been able to install it frm there.Please help.I am using ubuntu 10.10

  15. Sabed says:

    thanks very much…..i shud relly recommnd this site to my frnds

  16. Shashank Agrawal says:

    A great tutorial to install ubuntu on to the computer….
    Thank You…!!!

  17. Fred Ayisi says:

    hi i guess if am dual booting linux and windows and windows is already installed i wont have to erase the whole drive but rather specify drive allocation and set it to the end.

  18. Sarath chandranath.guda says:

    oh its good……but could you please add a video file……..thank you for your valuable instruction guide……..

  19. Akshay says:

    @Karthikeyan.R you can easily dual boot both ubuntu and windows 7. While installing ubuntu there is an option to install it inside windows only. No need to take backup of files as it just gets installed inside windows.

  20. Gru says:

    thanks! i just installed the Ubuntu on to the my computer

  21. khwaish says:

    thanks for sharing this step by step guide..

  22. chaitanya says:

    Thnx a lot man…!! u saved my time..:)

  23. krutika says:

    hii akshay,
    i wanted to ask that which one is better.. Ubuntu or fedora?

  24. Balaji says:

    Please tell me how to boot and install in usb


  25. sainath says:

    thanks! i just installed the linux
    thanks your guidance

  26. maryhan says:

    how can i have two OS in my system, will it affect the perfomance ? since i already installed Win 7 in my system. Now i want to have ubuntu also installed in my system.

    • Akshay says:

      you can simply dual boot your system. install ubuntu after win 7 and it gives you an option to install it without removing win 7. So when you boot your system you will get an option to choose os. it does not affect your performance much as at 1 time only 1 os is running

  27. GPandey says:

    It help me to install 12.0.. Great Content

  28. manu says:

    thanku for this useful information

  29. Labis says:

    thank you dude, I’m a newbie to Linux and your post helped a lot, thanx again!!!

  30. Amit Tangchangya says:

    Many Many thanks for your nice blog

  31. Abhishek says:

    thanks it was realy good

  32. arnold says:

    Dear Sir, I followed your step by step instruction on how to install lenux os, However, i keep comming up with the same results. At the end of installation everytime i get are u ready?and appears to be dos?only works from cd. Im getting really frustrated with this. In the initial process of install step 4 of your instuction, on my pc the internet is not green. My computer is a compaq presario v5000 laptop with wifi 80211 ect. could this be the problem? The version of lenux i have is 1.0 i believe. Also my pc has amd-tur-64, processer sp-1800mhz, system mem-896 bios v-f.43 kbc v-49.56 system board id-30ae

  33. sp says:

    I’ve bookmarked it and I’m going to try the installation all over referring your article on my laptop as I get confused while choosing the partitions and setting the file system.


  34. ranjith says:

    for me icons are not appearing in home screen only wallpaper and screensaver appears

  35. Gokul Shanth says:

    How to install Ubuntu as second os

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