How to find Guest Bloggers for your Blog

There might be several reasons because of which you might want a guest author for your blog. Whether you are out on a vacation or want to increase the popularity of your blog, guest posts can prove to be an answer to all your wishes. Guest posting also gives reference to your blog, that is, the person who will write on your blog as a guest author might also recommend your blog link on his own blog or to other fellow bloggers.

Guest Blogger

Now the question is how can one get guest authors for his/her blog? Well, there are several ways in which you can get people to write in your blog as guest authors. You can either ask your blogger friends to write or invite some writers from the world of blogging by following these tips:

  • You can post an application/request on some websites that specialize in such services such as MyBlogGuest. This website is tailor made for the people who are on the lookout for guest authors for their blog. This website steers you through the arduous task of searching for good bloggers on the web and sending invitations here and there. It is a plain simple website specially made for this purpose. You can clearly state your expectations and other details which you want to in the request you post on MyBlogGuest.
  • Implementing good marketing strategies for your blog can also be of great help in attracting guest authors. When other bloggers will see that writing on your blog can fetch them popularity and traffic, they will automatically be lured into writing on your blog. Most people want to write as guest authors to gain popularity, traffic, branding and back links. If your blog is marketed appropriately, the guest authors will automatically be provided with some or all these things that they want to gain.
  • Give proper credit to the guest authors who have written on your blog. If someone writes as a guest author on your blog, write a brief introduction about that person, his blog and achievements. Since people are used to reading your posts on your blog, they might consider a guest post to be written by you as well if you have not given proper credit to the guest author. In addition to that, giving due credit and respect will attract more guest authors to your blog.
  • Social marketing and spreading the word among friends and family can also create wonders in fetching guest bloggers for your blog. You can post on twitter, linkedIn and other such websites that you really wish to have a guest author write on your blog. You can also send out emails to friends, family and your writer friends that you would love to have someone else write in your blog as a guest author. Don’t be too formal or display that you are doing this for fetching traffic or popularity, just state that you would really like someone to write for a change.

Once you get a guest blogger to write on your blog, keep the editing and quality checking rights to yourself. Don’t ever compromise on quality even if that person has a successful blog. Give your guest author the appropriate credit and he will reciprocate by bringing in great amount of traffic and exposure to your blog!

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