How To Detect Phishing WebSites

What is Phishing?
In the field on computers phishing is a simple trick in which the hacker creates the duplicate page of a site and asks you to enter your details or credentials there. When you enter credentials such as username, password or credit card number the whole data goes to the hacker which he/she later use. Phishing is an illegal process and there are many hackers who are behind the bars because of their this fraudulent process called “Phishing”. Phishing is nowadays a major problem for the users of social networking sites and net banking. To know more about Phishing click here.

How to detect phishing sites?

There are many ways through which you can detect a phishing website. Few of those ways to detect phishing sites are :

  • URL : Always check the URL or web address of the site you are visiting. Phishing sites have different URL’s than that of the legitimate site.
  • Anti-Phishing Software : Use anti-phishing software.
  • Better Browsers : Always use browsers who have anti-phishing software inbuilt in them. You can use Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer 8 etc.
  • Missing Slashes : A phishing site sometime doesn’t have slashes in-between its URL.For example “” but the original one is ”” .
  • Use fake passwords : Always enter your fake password on the sites you are visiting first time but later you can change it.
  • Search More : Always try to search the URL on good search engines like Google.
  • Get more information : Always try to get more and more information about the site as phishing sites don’t hold for too long.
  • Avoid Pop-Ups : Never enter your password in the pop-up window as a hacker may ask you to enter the password in the pop up and later he redirects you to the legitimate page.

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    Now a days most browsers can get a plugin to detect phishing and yes atleast for banking or paypal like sites make sure you check the url..

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