How To Deal With Laptop Overheating

A laptop computer is an expensive investment and one that you want to keep running properly for years to come. That being said, a common malady that affects laptops is overheating. Overheating, over time, can prematurely cause the laptops internal machinery to fail. Thankfully, there are several cheap and easy tricks to keep your laptop running smoothly for years to come.

laptop overheating

Compressed Air
Over time dust can, and will, build up in laptops cooling vents and internal fans. This overheats your laptop by unbalancing the fan which can lead to early failure requiring you to replace the fan. A fan that is so caked with dust will also not properly cool the internal machinery within the laptop leading to dangerously high temperatures. Thankfully there is a cheap and easy fix for this malady. Merely buy a can of compressed air, they can be found at any computer store for around $10, and spray within the vents of the laptop. That will clear out a large amount of the dust and keep your laptop running cool.

Proper Surface
While placing your laptop on a pillow or blanket may be quite comfortable it is, in fact, a rather bad idea. The cooling vents in a laptop are located on the bottom of the computer. If those vents are placed on a soft surface, they will sink into the surface and will not provide proper cooling to the internal machinery. The absolute best surface for a laptop is a cool, flat surface like a table. If, however, you must place your laptop on a soft surface it is best to lay it on a hardcover book or similar surface. This allows proper airflow to reach your laptops innards and will keep it from overheating.

Power Settings
Most laptops have their power settings set to “High Performance.” This setting, while it looks the best, also drains a lot of power and can cause your laptop to overheat. A simple fix to this is to merely set your laptop’s power mode to “power saver”. This lets your laptop know to only power what is necessary, saving a large amount of processor speed. Should you need your laptop running at full power, for gaming or other needs, merely reset the setting back to “High Performance”.

Power Off
It is always best, if you’re not using your laptop for the foreseeable future, to simply turn the laptop off. This measure is simple but extremely effective. It allows your laptop time to cool off, doesn’t eat battery life and is as easy as pushing a button. Would you like to run for days at time without a break? Neither would your laptop.

Cooling Pad
If you’re willing to invest a little bit of money into your laptop consider buying a cooling pad designed especially for laptops. They are not too expensive, running around $25 or so, and they are well worth it. Their small, portable and allow your laptop to run faster for longer. If you live in a hotter climate or, as mentioned above, must place your laptop on a soft surface, these pads are extraordinarily helpful in keeping your laptop cool.

A laptop is often a major investment and, thus, you want to keep it running for longer. If you just follow the above tips your precious laptop should be running well for years to come.

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  1. Nice. Many users ignore how important is proper laptop cooling.
    I run my laptop 24 x 7, I use cooling pad to keep it cool. They are cheap.
    An Essential buy for your laptops life.

  2. Thanks David As always excellent recommendations, I have learned a lot, actually sometimes simple things can help us to maintain our laptop in good condition and working well.

  3. Sriram Raj says:

    Laptops are very important now a days for people. many use it 24*7. But cooling pads i think should be the first option. Since it is cheaper, simple to use and given as a freebie along with each laptop 🙂

  4. plaban says:

    I’ve very serious overheating problem with my i7 laptop . Sometime temperature reaches 95 degree C . I bought a cooling pad but it don’t help much 🙁 .

  5. I will always suggest to buy a pad because its one-time money but save your life bcoz if you use lapy on ur lap thn it can burn ur skin also.

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