How to Create a Custom Login Page in WordPress

WordPress is one of the fastest growing blogging platforms and millions of blogs and websites are based on this excellent content management system. Today there are a number of themes and other plugins that are developed by developers all over the world. Instead of manually editing the WordPress themes, you can use certain plugins that would help in customization of the theme in a much better and efficient way.

There are a number of plugins that are available to perform the task of customization of the login page. We will be using the custom login plugin that can be used to edit the login page in wordpress. This plugin is much better than editing the theme CSS files directly because you have to be an experienced designer in order to modify the code of the CSS File. This plugin provides you a simple and easy to use interface where you can tweak out certain aspects of the login page only. No prior design knowledge is required to use this plugin.

So let’s get started with our customization of the login page.

  1. First step is to install the plugin on your WordPress installation. This step is quite easy; all you have to do is type Custom Login in the search bar of the add new plugins page. There would be a number of plugins that are related to this keyword and will be listed as a result for your search query. Select the first result and install it.
  2. The installation procedure is simple and you have to wait till it gets completed. Once it is installed activate the plugin.
  3. Now point to the settings tab on the left hand side toolbar and click on the Custom Login settings to get started.
  4. The custom login settings screen will show up a lot of options which you can use to customize the screen. You can also add your own CSS style and logo to the screen. Here is some editing that is done by me and here are the final results.

Default WordPress Login Page: 

After Using Custom login plugin: 


Another excellent plugin that was discovered by us when we were writing this tutorial is Custom Login Screen. This plugin will also help you in designing the Error Pages, Message Boxes and other background styles that you can apply to your blog.

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  1. Irfan says:

    If creating such login page gives only eye comfort and nothing to SEO then what’s the need of doing so much into creating such pages which is available only to you?


    • Akshay says:

      what if you have huge number of guest posters or you are running a community blog or question answer site based on wordpress. Having a better looking login page would give your users while logging in a better look and experience, its just like having a great looking theme

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