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Google on Wednesday released an updated version of the Google Docs where the company has addressed to several issues that have grown since its launch last year. Earlier there used to be only basic commenting feature for your documents that are shared by your team or group.These comments used to remain anonymous until then.But now, Google has added the user ownership to his comments along with an email notification options. The comments can be added by mere replying to the mail. Each comment will have a timestamp along with the profile picture of the sender.The unwanted comments can be removed from the public viewing by the original user, but it will still remain in context of the discussions of your Google doc. They can be later retrieved using “Discussions” button.

new commenting system in google docs

This will improve the communication and teamwork in a fast and reliable way.Another interesting addition is the way in which we mention people using @mention like we do on Facebook and Twitter. Now you can include anybody in your discussion by simply appending his email id after @ symbol.

include others in your discussions

The use of @mentions is a strategic move on the part of Google to introduce more and more people to the Google Docs arena that is free. It is a way to pull them from the costly Microsoft Office.

notification in google docs

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  1. Yeah, Have gone through the Google Docs. Things look to be little quite good.

  2. Arjun Singh says:

    Google is just improving day by day.. 🙂

    AMAZING>> 🙂

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